Bride Wedding Accessories

So you’ve got the dress and shoes now you just need a little something for the finishing touches, your wedding accessories.

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Shop Around for Bridal Accessories

If you purchase your wedding dress from a shop they may recommend a pair of shoes and a tiara to match, if they do, don’t be too hasty in purchasing them instead take the time to shop around to look at a range of different styles of tiara before you finally make up your mind. Talk to your hairdresser as they will have a good idea of what type of style will work best for you.

I found my headdress on the internet. The designer specialised in making hand-made tiaras for brides and bridesmaids, she also made matching necklaces and earrings on request. I decided to have my tiara made because I hadn't seen anything in bridal shops that struck me as unique.

Whatever your budget

To my pleasant surprise the tiara, the necklace and the earrings were cheaper to have made rather than if I had purchased them from a shop. They also had the added advantage of being made from a soft metal frame, which I found far more comfortable to wear as it could be bent to sit on your head better than the pre-made headbands. Most importantly they were unique and they complimented my wedding dress perfectly.

The Bridal Headdress

Brides can either have a tiara or a delicate flower arrangement. If your dress has the style which might be found in a classic fairytale, then flowers would finish the look off perfectly. If your design is more traditional then you might look better in a simple tiara.

Necklace and Earrings?

If you are wearing your hair up then you will draw attention to your face and neckline so be sure to choose matching earrings and necklace to compliment your dress.

The Veil

What type of veil do I need?

The wedding veil or mantilla is an age-old accessory worn by the bride, although with the emergence of informal wedding dresses many brides have opted not to wear one.

Whether you need a veil or not is all about your own personal preference. If you are wearing a traditional wedding dress and your wedding will be a formal occasion then having a veil will be another element used to help to create the splendour of the occasion. If your wedding dress is more contemporary then you might just want to wear flowers in your hair to complete the look.

Ask for advice from the bridal staff where you’re purchasing your dress and from your hairdresser.

If you are having a veil then you need to consider its colour, style, length, number of tiers and the material from which it’s made from.

Your veil should ultimately compliment your wedding dress.

Your Bridal Accessories

Let us know what your bridal accessories are like, so that we can place details here and maybe give inspiration to others!

"I have made my own tiara to be like one that i saw for £110 - it cost £30 to make" Melissa Taylor