Wedding Day Lipstick for the Bride

red lipstickOne of the last things we use when applying make-up is lipstick and most of us can feel somewhat undressed if we don’t apply that wonderful streak of colour to our lips before going out the door.

When we pop off to the ladies we always have to check to see if our lipstick is still there and smudge free and of course the inevitable reapplying takes place.

Advertisements’ lure us with promises of lipstick colours staying well and truly put for 10 to 15 hours but as most of us know that’s just not the case!

If there is one part of our make-up we want to remain the same as when we first applied it, its lipstick and unless you’re willing to or have the budget to pay out hundreds of pounds on ‘stay-put’ lipsticks there are a few short tips that can help your lipstick to remain longer than normal.

Preparation For Applying Lipstick

  • Base.  Use a thin layer of your usual foundation to your lips. Using foundation will also tone down your lip colour but will give more staying power.
  • Lip liners/pencils go a long way in helping your lipstick remain where it should be and not bleed. Thinner lips can be given a plumper look by using a slightly darker shade than your lipstick or apply liner just outside the natural lip line and dab a tiny dot of gloss in the middle of your bottom lip.  You can use your lip liner as a base as well as you placing a line on your outer lips. (Although lips will look softer and less defined if lip liners are not used)
  • applying lipstickPut lipstick on in layers without going over the lip liner line.
  • Layers should be built up gradually.  Blot with tissue between each layer but don’t place tissue between lips and squeeze together.  Take the gentler approach by applying the tissue flat to your lips to get a much better chance of not smudging.
  • Powder and blotting is another way to help lipstick stay longer.  When placing tissue on lipstick between layers very lightly dust the tissue with your usual powder brush.  This way produces tiny filters of powder in settling the lipstick layers.
  • Lip- brushes will ensure better coverage than applying with your finger or straight from the tube.  When applying lipstick with a brush it gives a more solid foundation and normally last longer.
  • To stop the horror of lipstick on your teeth once you have applied your lipstick put your finger into your mouth and pull gently.  Any extra lipstick will come off on your finger.

Lipstick Colours to Suit You

lipstick kissesJust because you really like a particular lipstick shade or your best friend’s colour looks great does not mean it will automatically suit you.  Lipstick colour like a lot of make-up and clothes we wear will only look its best if you have matched it up well with your skin colour.

Coral coloured lipstick can really be worn and carried off well by only a few people and orange and brown shades can make your teeth look yellow.

For those with  not so perfect white teeth you can play down the ‘yellowness’ of them by using lipsticks with a bluish undertone.  Plums, pinks, wines and violets are shades that work well in this instance.

If you are going to be wearing a deep red lipstick then it will be better to keep the rest of your make up light to avoid that clownish look.  If your eyes are going to be highly decorated, keep your lipstick a light colour that does not stand out.

Lipstick Care and Repair

When your favourite lipstick snaps off you can fix it by placing a lighted match just underneath the broken part for a moment till it softens and then place it back onto the base.  Close the lipstick back into the tube and place in the fridge for a few hours to ‘set’ again.

We’ve all done it – got down to the last scrap of lipstick or it’s all caked inside the tube just when that particular colour is needed!  By using an orange stick or cotton bud you can pick out what’s left and mix it with a tiny drop of Vaseline or some lip-gloss to save the day.

If you end up with a load of almost empty lipsticks in your make-up drawer, don’t throw them out.  You can experiment with new colours by placing the remnants of each tube into a tiny box and place in the microwave for a few seconds till melted.  Mix them together and hey presto, a new coloured lipstick that is great for handbag use.

Bridal Lipstick - Quick Tips

lips smilingSome quick pointers to get the most out of your lipstick.

  • Never try on a tester lipstick as it’s really quite unhygienic.  Instead use your fingertips to test as these are the closest colour and texture to that of your lips.
  • Try and avoid very oily foods as the oil will attack your lipstick and all your hard preparation will have been for nothing.
  • Matte Lipsticks will last far longer than greasy or glossy lipsticks.
  • Keep lipstick in the fridge to make it last longer.
  • For the mature woman a cream lipstick looks better than a matte or gloss.
  • If your lipstick is a pale colour its best to use a nude lip liner.
  • Lick your lips before taking a drink as this will help your lipstick stay on your lips not the glass, or better still always use a drinking straw.
  • To keep gloss on for longer first fill your lips with lip liner and then apply gloss on it. The gloss has something to stick to and therefore lasts longer.

These tips and suggestions can help towards keeping your beautifully applied lipstick on that little bit longer and with the added confidence of knowing it is still there – on that perfect bridal smile.