Perfect Eyebrows For The Bride

eyebrowsEyebrows have a semi-permanent character that can either dominate your face or disappear entirely and with shaping, plucking and tweezing there is no reason why you can’ t have those perfectly shaped eyebrows that can open up your eyes and balance your features.

Perfectly shaped eyebrows will enhance the natural look of your eyes, accentuate your makeup and have an added bonus of giving you a mini face lift.

Getting that well groomed brow can be done either by yourself at home or visit a beauty parlour where you can sit back and let the professionals go to work on your eyebrows.

Eyebrows can be plucked, waxed, shaped, weaved and coloured and with practice you can keep them under control to retain a natural balance.

Putting our ‘face on’ to most women is second nature and we seem to pay particular attention when buying mascara and eye-shadows.  Darkened and defined eyes if accentuated by the perfect eyebrow shape can add the ‘finishing touch’ to an already beautiful face.

Perfect Arch Shape

The perfect eyebrow shape starts above the inside corner of your eye (over the tear duct) and ends at the outside corner above your eyelashes.  Eyebrows should have a natural gentle arch over the iris of the eye but it’s rarely where it should be and if you intend to pluck and shape yourself it is advisable to do so gently.  Take it slowly otherwise hasty and over-plucking can lead to that surprised look lasting for weeks.

  • To find out where your brow should start hold an eyebrow pencil vertically against one nostril and where the pencil meets your existing eyebrow is a good starting point.
  • Next hold the pencil vertically with the tip against one nostril and angle it so the opposite end is aligned with the corner of the eye.  Where the pencil hits the brow is where it should end.
  • By holding the pencil from the edge of the nostril, past the outer edge of the iris and up to the brow it should ascertain where the highest point of the arch of the eyebrow should be.
  • Placing small dots in a gentle arch will give you your ideal eyebrow shape to use as a guide.

How to Pluck your Eyebrows

  • eyebrow pluckingMake sure you choose a well lit area; natural sunlight is the best. 
  • A large mirror to check your progress and a smaller magnified mirror will enable you to see each hair as you pluck away. 
  • Slanted edged tweezers are easier to use and help gain a better grip on each hair.
  • Plucking after a shower will be less painful.
  • Wash eyebrow area before beginning.
  • Decide which shape is best suited to your face.
  • Brush eyebrows to remove any stray hairs and trim any long hairs with cuticle scissors.
  • Don’t do one brow at a time.  Pluck a few hairs from one and then the other eyebrow to enable you to keep both brows even.

Gentry pull the skin taunt with your fingers and tweeze any brow hairs outside of the area where you want your brow to begin and end.

Pluck only in the direction that the hair is growing and only from the underside of the brow.  Do not pluck from the top of the brow.

Pluck only one hair at a time and proceed slowly.  Remember you can always remove hair but can’t put it back.  Put down the tweezers now and then and take a look in the large mirror to see how your shape is coming along.

When you are happy with your shape, wash the area gently with a cotton ball and facial toner to close the pores and keep bacteria from building up.

Don’t let the fuzz take over again.  You can keep up with the maintenance of your eyebrows by checking every couple of days and catch those stray hairs from time to time.

Inner part of the brow should be thicker than the outer edge and the area from the arch outwards should taper off gradually. 

Add a dulling lubricant before plucking or chill with a frozen ice cube to dull the pain.

Waxing your Eyebrows

Waxing your eyebrows is quicker and less painful than plucking but is not advisable for those with very sensitive skin.  If done professionally it can be more expensive than plucking but on the plus side it lasts longer.  For those brave enough to go it alone at home a few tips are:

  • Use a baby toothbrush to define the natural shape.
  • Apply astringent, witch hazel or ice on the brow area to make it slightly numb.
  • Calculate the length of the eyebrow by holding a ruler, levelling it with the inner corner of the eye to find out where the brow should begin and mark gently with a dot with a brow pencil.
  • By holding the ruler from the edge of the nostril past the outer edge of the iris up to the eyebrow you can work out the curve and highest point of the brow arch and again mark with a dot.
  • In a gentle smooth arch link the dots which slightly tapers at the outer ends.
  • Always follow the instructions on the waxing kit.  Some kits can be warmed in the microwave or place the jar into boiling water.
  • Apply a thin layer of the warmed wax with a spatula onto the stray hairs under the eyebrow in the direction of the hair. 
  • With waxing strips remove the wax immediately in the opposite direction of the hair growth with a quick sharp movement.

After waxing eyebrows try to avoid direct sun light, acid based facial treatments and liquid makeup for a few hours.

Threading your Eyebrows

Eyebrow threading originated in India and gives a better result than waxing or plucking.  Pulling out an entire row of hair from the follicles in one go sounds painful but is about the same as brow waxing plus kinder to your skin.

  • Cut a piece of cotton thread into 24 inch strands and form a circle by tying the ends together.
  • Place the thread around all fingers and the thumb on each hand and open both hands apart to form the circle of thread into a rectangle.
  • With your hands apart and in front of you twist the thread roughly ten times in the middle to get that ‘X’ twisted portion in the middle of the thread.
  • Push the twisted portion of the thread to the right by extending the fingers and thumb of your left hand while closing the fingers to the thumb of your right hand and push the twisted portion to the left by extending the fingers and thumb of your right hand while closing fingers to the thumb of your left hand.  Practice doing this a few times until it becomes easy and feels natural.
  • With the twisted portion of the thread placed on the skin just to the side of the hair you would like to remove gently move the twisted portion along the skin from side to side to capture the hairs, either to the right or to the left whichever way feels more natural and comfortable to you.
  • Once you are happy with the hairs you have captured it’s just a matter of pulling the thread.

A toner used on the area directly afterwards will close the pores left by the removal of hair from the follicles.

Tinting Eyebrows

tinted eybrowsBefore tinting your eyebrows at home, or at a salon, you will need to have a patch test done to ensure you do not have any allergic reactions to the tint. 

  • Remove all make up from eyes and surrounding area with an oil-free remover.
  • Clean area with warm water or witch hazel and allow eye area to dry for at least ten minutes.
  • Always follow manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Apply a small amount of Vaseline around the eyebrows.
  • Cover eyebrows with the tint paste with a wooden applicator stick without touching the surrounding skin area. 
  • Process time can take from 1 to 2 minutes depending on what shade you want the eyebrows to be.  Further tint can be added if not dark enough.
  • Wipe away tint with a clean moist cotton pad until all paste is removed and is pads shows no sign of tint residue.
  • Clean brows with witch hazel which helps remove any residual chemicals.

Balancing your Facial Features

When shaping your eyebrows you should also be aware of the balance of the other facial features and facial problems that may occur with the wrong eyebrow shape.

  • Close set eyes can be extended by shaping the brows a little close to the inner corner of the eye giving the illusion that the eyes are further apart.
  • Wide set eyes can appear closer by extending the brows inwards slightly.
  • A low forehead bests suits a low arch eyebrow shape which will give the forehead added height.
  • Round faces with a high arched eyebrow shape that is extended to the end of the cheekbone gives a more narrow faced appearance.
  • Women with long faces can flatten the eyebrow arch to almost nothing giving the effect of making the face appear shorter.
  • Square faces suit a high arch and a rounded curve on the outer ends of the brows to give an oval appearance.

Tit Bits for Eyebrows

  • Have your eyebrows done professionally then just maintain the shape yourself.
  • By pulling hair out in the opposite direction of growth you risk them growing back the wrong way.
  • NEVER shave your eyebrows.
  • Don’t pluck to much as you could end up losing the shape of the brow.
  • If your eyebrows get very thin utilise a brow colour to fill them in light feather strokes instead of black lines.
  • Teething gel can be used as a numbing aid.
  • Course hairs can leave large gaps if they are pulled out individually or if the half-inch hair on the very end of the eyebrow is pulled out you can severely shorten the length of a brow

With careful planning and thought you should be able to shape and maintain your eyebrows at home.  Not only do you get to do it in your own time but it also saves you money. For those that do not have the confidence to have a go yourself there are many good beauty therapists that you can go to or have one visit you at home. 

Listen to recommendations from others before you chose one and build up a good rapport with each other in the lead up to your wedding to obtain that beautiful, shiny opened eyed look every bride has on her wedding day