Bridal Hair Do’s and Don’ts

bride hair 1Feeling beautiful is not just about the dress and the make up, it also has a lot to do with how you feel about your hair on the day.  You want everything to be perfect and it would be disastrous if a bride failed to get the hair style she was one hundred percent happy with.

Many brides want something completely different from their usual hair style on their wedding day to make them stand out from the crowd, but you should remember that a bride already stands out as the most important figure on the day.  She is the one everyone will be looking at when she walks down the aisle, the one guests will smile at during the groom’s speech when he makes reference to “his wife” so it is vital not to have something too radical on your head which could make you stand out for the wrong reason.

A bride should begin thinking about what type of style she would like when she is looking around for wedding dresses.  Accessories with that perfect dress include the flowers, jewellery and shoes and any headdress items with the perfect hairstyle obviously needs to match, co-ordinate and blend in with.  Most tiaras for instance are worn when the bride has their hair styled up or swept over and a lot of veils require something to ‘grab’ onto in the hair so an upward style hairstyle would be far more practical for these.

Following are some tips about what to do and what not to do with your hair:

Do With Bridal Hair

  • bridal hair 2A few weeks before, start preparing your hair with a good conditioning routine.
  • Be yourself when considering your style.  Add a little romance and fun into it but don’t go for a brassy blonde if you are usually a brunette.
  • Consider your facial features and what style would suit your face shape best.  You are aiming for a look that is elegant and romantic not harsh and severe.
  • If you need your hair cutting, try to have it done at least a month before the wedding to let it settle down.  Your hair grows approximately six inches in a year so a month would give you around half an inch growth to work with.
  • If your hair is coloured, make sure this is done about two weeks before the day so that the colour has settled, there won’t be any grey showing and the roots will not be a different colour.
  • It might be worth going to a couple of different hairdressers for a second opinion on the style you like or even just to see if they can come up with something different.
  • Perhaps you could look through magazines and cut out some styles that you like the look of.  Your hairdresser will tell you what they think of them and if they would suit you.
  • Take some photos once your hair is styled during the practice runs to see if you like it.  This will also help as a reminder on the big day of what the chosen hairstyle should look like.
  • Visit your hairdresser about two months before your big day and do a trial run of your hairstyle.   Take along your veil or tiara so that you can judge the finished product. 
  • Wash your hair the day before your wedding, not that morning.  Most of us have experienced ‘bad day’ hair or hair that is fly-away and you definitely don’t want this to happen on the morning.

Don’t Do With Bridal Hair

  • bridal hair 3Decide a week or two before the big day that you want longer hair and opt for hair extensions, any radical changes to your hair should be done a few months in advance.  The same thing applies for any perms you may be considering.
  • Forget to speak to your bridesmaids, mother and mother-in-law about their hair styles to ensure they are not planning the same hair do as you.
  • If it is not your first wedding, don’t have the same style as your first.
  • Never be tempted to cut your own hair just before the wedding to produce a style you like or because a part is annoying you.  Ensure you give yourself plenty of time if you plan to grow out a fringe or have one cut in.
  • Wake up the morning of your wedding and be tempted to style your hair and add products such as moose or hairspray right before your hairstylist is due to turn up.


Do not forget that you will need to get your dress over your head so you may require help with ensuring you don’t mess up your hair style.

When you have your hair styled, ask the hairdresser for some instructions about how you should keep it in shape should anything happen, i.e. if a pin falls out.  Ask for some extra pins too.

Make sure the hairdresser you choose is available on the day to do your hair.

Most importantly, do not leave it too late to think about your hair style.  You want to relax on your special day so prepare early and enjoy yourself.

Everyone likes something different and it is all to easy to follow someone else’s opinion about how you should wear your hair on the day but the most important thing to remember is that it is your day and your hair and you need to be happy with your choice.  Of course take advice from your loved ones but do not rush into it, think about your options and above all, practice, practice, practice.