Bridal Hair

bride hair 1When your wedding day arrives, regardless of what colour or length your hair normally is, you will want to make it look like it’s never looked before. Deciding on which style you really want may take more planning than you think.

You may want to have a style that involves having longer hair than you have now, or maybe shorter, or maybe you want a tiara or other decoration. Maybe you fancy a different colour but are not sure which. All of these need careful consideration and preparation - leave dying your hair to the night before and you had better be prepared for getting married with orange hair!

For those brides-to-be that have an all time favourite hairstyle that they have already worn a few times before you will have more time to concentrate on what other accessories you will wear on your hair.

For those who have not decided yet, or don’t know what will go well with their wedding dress, outfit or tiara a few ideas are listed below that may help.

Finding the Perfect Hairstyle

  • Browse through as many bridal magazines as you can looking at all the hairstyles.
  • Ask close friends and family members, as well as your hairdresser, which style may suit you.
  • Your hairstyle should compliment your wedding dress, for example swept up hairstyles suit a backless dress whilst romantic ringlets or cascading loose curls look wonderful on a princess ball gown.
  • Visit the hairdresser up to six months before your special day for any treatments such as perms, cuts and colouring.
  • Hair grows about half an inch a month so start growing as soon as you have decided if your chosen hairstyle is to be for long hair.  It's always easier to have shorter hair when it is long, than longer hair when it is short!
  • When booking a stylist try and get one that comes with a recommendation from friends and previous brides.
  • Take into consideration the texture of your hair before fully deciding on the style.  What looks great in a magazine or somebody else may not look as good on you!
  • Choose a style that you are going to feel comfortable in.  If you don’t like hair in your face and you are always pushing it away then go for a style that is tied away, keeping it tidy all day, yet at the same time elegant and classy.
  • Your hairstyle should compliment both your wedding dress and facial shape and of course, most importantly, make you feel beautiful!

Bride Hairstyles

Here are six hairstyles for you to consider for your wedding.

bridal hair bun bridal hair chignon bridal hair finger curls
The Bun.  To achieve the more formal look hair is gathered at the nape of the neck, or the crown of the head, and held in place by pins.  A different style of the bun is to plat the hair first, before twisting around into a bun. Chignon style is one of the sophisticated looks and consists of a knot of hair worn low at the back of the head, or again at the nape of the neck. Finger-Curls or Air-Dried hair can give the appearance of rippled waves.  Sprayed with hair spray this style can be worn for the casual romantic look.
bridal hair french twist bridal hair  bob bridal hair pixie
French Twist is a roll of hair swept back and pinned to give a smooth creation.  This style can be fashioned from just about any length of hair and can be easily modified into many different looks. Bob styles suit those with straight short hair.  With hair falling to the earlobes or just below the jaw line this sassy hair cut gives a very casual, yet elegant, look. Pixie cut is best suited for the small faced delicate featured bride with hair that is no more than one inch length all over.

Hair Styles That Suit You

Sadly it won’t be the case of just picking any style that you really like, there are many factors that will dictate whether a style will suit you, not least the shape of your face.

  • Round Faces suit hair that is placed high on the head or long and sleek styles.  The main factor with round faces is for hairstyles to provide balance.  Full or round hairstyles will add more roundness to your face. Waves at eye level with an off centre parting will help towards minimizing roundness.  Choppy soft layers cut around the cheeks are better suited than pin-straight styles.
  • Long Faces should go for styles that have width and volume.  Long at the sides and short on the top will help to balance the face.  Wispy fringes and chin length cuts are ideal for this face shape. For those with pointy chins make sure your hair does not curve toward it.
  • Oval Faces are considered the ‘perfect’ face shape and those lucky to have one are able to get away with almost any hairstyle.
  • Square Faces should avoid short crops or anything that is geometric as this enhances the square look.  Soft curves will help in giving the square jaw line some added softness while see through wispy fringes will help soften features.  Blunt cuts and hard lines will only exaggerate the square shape of your face.
  • Heart Shaped Faces need hairstyles that help in hiding the hairline and styles that turn the hair outwards rather than inwards as in choppy styles with a graduated fridge. For those with upside down heart shaped faces your style will need more fullness on the top of the head to balance out the chin.

What to Wear With Your Hairstyle

bride hair 2Once you have chosen your bridal hairstyle you should turn your mind to the accessories.

  • Tiaras and Veils should compliment, not hide or overpower, your hairstyle.  The longer your veil the more sturdy your hairstyle is going to have to be to help retain the shape of your hair until the veil is removed.  If you opt for the curls or bun, it may be better to have your veil sitting tucked away at the back of your head, allowing your hair to be shown in all its glory.
  • Flowers, Beads and Jewels will always add that extra sparkle and colour, more so if coordinated with your colour scheme and/or jewellery.  Tiny small flowers with sparking gems scattered randomly can give a stunning effect and enhance any hairstyle.  Strings of beads or pearls can be twined into the hair when styling it up, or allowed to cascade down in varying lengths.
  • Combs and Pins can be used not only to hold hairstyles in place but also to produce a glittering diamond effect each time your hair catches the light.

The Chosen Hairstyle

Once you have chosen your hairstyle you can then concentrate on what needs to be done in the months/weeks leading up to your wedding

  • Try and have a few hairstyle trials leading up to your big day to make double sure it’s the correct style for you.
  • Take your tiara, veil and any pins or combs with you when having hair trials.
  • To save money at the hairdressers wash your hair just before you go and if you are not far away you can arrive with it already wet.
  • Plan a night out on the day of your hair trial to test how well it stays in place and to see if any pins or combs cause headaches.
  • If you are having fresh flowers in your hair check to see how long they will last before wilting.
  • Look around at craft and second hand shops for unusual items you can wear in your hair.
  • On arriving home put on your veil for a couple of hours to practice, not only walking with it on, but to see how well your hairstyle keeps once the veil is taken off. 
  • If you are having a colour put on your hair it may be best to do this about two weeks before the wedding.

Hair Extensions

bride hair 3If you have set your heart on a particular hairstyle, but know your own hair is not long or strong enough to achieve it, you can always go for add-on hair extensions: 

A couple of tips are -

  • Hair extensions will not work for everybody. It is always advised to have several consultations (preferably different stylists) to see what methods are best suited to your hair.
  • Go to a stylist’s that is fully trained and recommended. An inexperienced one could see you ending up with permanently damaged hair.
  • Once you have hair extensions it will not just be a case of ‘wash and go’. You will have to devote more time to washing and conditioning your hair than normal.
  • You will not be able to colour your own hair extensions.
  • Never fall asleep with wet extensions in your hair.

How you style your hair on your wedding day is one of the most important choices you will make. There is little point in having a gorgeous wedding dress, sparkly shoes, a beautiful bouquet and a stunning makeover if you hair looks like you have just been dragged backwards through a bush. Think, plan and get it right!