Brides Health - Eyes

cucumber eyesThe eyes speak volumes and never more so when saying those vows to your loved one on your wedding day when the ‘the look of love’ is shown to each other.

Sleepy, bloodshot or bleary eyes can somehow take away that special moment when you or your partner may find yourselves staring into unhealthy eyes with drooping eyelids or worse still, gunged filled pores.

Eyes are as important to us as sunlight is to plants, water to oceans and oxygen for our planet and keeping our eyes healthy should be at the top of the priorities list throughout our lives.

Blushing Bride & Sparkling Eyes

The blushing bride that walks down the aisle with an incredible smile and sparkling eyes shows the world that she is in love and committing her life to the man stood waiting for her to join him.  Her eyes will be darting back and forth to the seated family and guests that are all sharing in her special day and all taking in every last detail of what she is wearing and how she looks.  Smiles will be aimed directly at her and probably never before or again will she have so many looking into her eyes during her wedding day.

The photographs that will capture it all and forever show the beauty and happiness of the wedding day will be looked at over and over again by numerous people over the years and again the eyes will be shown on every page.

Eye Care

close up eyeLooking after our eyes is something a lot of us can push to one side because they are not hurting and as far as we are aware they are doing their ‘job’ because we can see perfect!  In fact the only time we will tend to our eyes is if they ‘prod’ us because of irritation or soreness and then its ‘all systems go’ to get them sorted!

A few tips on not only keeping your eyes healthy but to look their very best for your wedding day are:

Regular Eye Tests at least every two years should be done by everybody – not just those of us who wear glasses. These tests are in face classed as an essential health check for the eyes as diseases caught earlier are far more effective. 

Sun Protection.  We protect our skin and head from the harmful UVA and UVB rays but often end up squinting because our eyes are exposed to the sunlight.  High exposures to UVA and UVB have been found to be high risk factor for the development of cataracts.  For those that wear prescription glasses or contact lenses always check with your optician that UV filters are included.

  • Always check when buying sunglasses that they have the CE mark which shows they are made to an agreed European standard and BSEN 1836:1997 will be shown on British standard sunglasses.
  • UV exposure is higher on reflective surfaces and more so in or around water.  While on the beach, fishing or sailing it is advised to always wear eye protection.
  • Snow is another surface that increase the amount of UV light reflected from its surface which is why you will see skiers and snowboarders wearing all round sunglasses no matter what time of the year it is.

Foods We Eat that are rich in antioxidant vitamins show evidence that they may well help in the protection against AMD and we are bombarded with how the ‘daily five’ of fresh fruit and vegetables are good for us.  Eating and maintaining a healthy and balanced diet always goes a long way in caring for your eyes.  Foods rich in omega 3 fats and micronutrients from green leafy vegetables with fruit, nuts and fish are some of the more healthy foods that have a high concentration of lutein and zeaxanthin which help towards protecting the eye retina.

Eye Accidents and Health Hazards

By being aware of the potential dangers that are quite litteraly before your eyes you can help to reduce the chance of something going wrong!

  • Fifty per cent of eyes injuries are caused in and around the home with 20,000 reported eye accidents a year.  That means every 25 minutes somebody somewhere is putting their sight in danger by accidents, mostly DIY.
  • When doing anything around the home think about what could go wrong and try and guard and protect one of your most valuable body assets which are your eyes from damage in any way.
  • Prolonged use of computer screens have become very much part of our lives and the risk to our eyes is made greater if we do not listen and adhere of the health and safety advice that is out there.
  • Playing sports is high on the list for eye accidents and squash balls alone are responsible for over 2,000 admissions to hospitals in the UK each year.
  • Smoking has also been linked towards the development of cataracts in later life and is strongly linked to age-related macular degeneration (AMD).  Cigarette smoke enhances oxidants that can damage the delicate eye cells and can cause blindness.  The Royal National Institute of the Blind launched a public campaign in 2005 to warn the 13 million smokers of Britain they may be endangering their eyesight by smoking.

In the UK over 120 people lose their sight every day either by injury or disease and surveys done show that losing sight is one of the most feared by everybody, more so than the loss of any other of our senses.

Sparkling Eyes on your Wedding Day

eye makeupHere are a few quick tips to ensure that you have healthy eyes on your wedding day.

  • Vitamin A puts that sparkle in your eyes as well as making bones and teeth strong and keeping major organs in good shape.
  • Make up removal is a must EVERY TIME YOU USE IT.  By not taking off your make up you run the risk of irritation and possibly infection if make-up gets into your eyes.
  • Eyes will be affected if you do not rest them enough and sleep is the best medicine for tired eyes.  Be sure to get plenty of sleep every night.
  • If you use a computer or watch too much TV you can be prone to eye strain.  When at work make sure you take a break away from your computer for the recommended health and safety time suggestion.  Turn off that TV and get early nights as often as possible.
  • Make sure you have more than enough lighting when reading and do not hold your book or newspaper too close or at an angle to your eyes.
  • If you feel you are squinting more than normal, go and get your eyes checked.

Home Remedies For Healthy Eyes

You don't need to rush to the shops to buy cosmetics to give your eyes a health boost, here are some things that you can do every day and cost nothing (or next to nothing)

  • Dip cotton pads in chilled milk and place on closed eyes for 10 minutes while completely relaxing.
  • Place sliced cucumber or cold used tea bags over closed eyes for 10 minutes and relax.
  • Close your eyes and imagine you are somewhere peaceful and serene.  Think of pleasant and soothing scenes.  Next open your eyes and look into the distance.  Next focus on an object at arm’s length.  This extremely relaxing exercise can be done four to five times a day.
  • Puffy eyes can have grated or peeled potato skin applied to closed eyelids for 20 minutes or more.  Sleeping while the potato is there will not harm your eyes or skin and you could wake up feeling wide eyed and extremely fresh.
  • For dark circles you can apply cucumber juice just below your eyes each evening before going to bed.  Another home remedy is to mix the pulp of a quarter tomato, turmeric powder, lemon juice and gramflour (flower made from chickpeas).  Apply the mixture to the dark circles, leave until it dries and then wash it off.
  • For those sparkling eyes you can soak 1 teaspoon of dry Amla (Indian Gooseberry) in a cup of water overnight.  Strain through a muslin cloth the next day and add an extra cup of water.  This solution can then be splashed into your eyes each morning.

Please remember these remedies are only guidelines and if used should be done weeks before your big day in case of allergies or reactions.

Tears Are Good for Us

During our lifetime our eyes produce an endless amount of tears and whatever reason we cry for those tears act as a major protective agent for our eyes.

They not only wash away dust from the eyes but provide the cornea with oxygen and nutrients.

Tears are composed of three distinctive layers and each layer is vital to the health of the eyes. 

  • The outer lipid section consists of an oily film that counters evaporation and helps towards maintaining the eye moisture.
  • The middle region moisturises the eye with water, nutrients and proteins that assist in limiting eye infections.
  • The inner coating produces a mucous allowing the tear film to spread which also reduced evaporation from the eye.

The importance of tears is never more so when medication such as eye drops, ointments or oral capsules are pacifically designed to keep the moisture within the eye from drying are given that mimic the role of tears.

When planning your big day and ticking all off your list as you go along, remember to add the important part of healthy eyes and do all you can to obtain that wondrous and sparkling look all brides should have, not only on their wedding day but for the rest of their lives.

We see such beautiful sights with our eyes, they are a precious gift we should not abuse and be thankful for that we have it