Brides Health - Healthy Lips

smile 2A beautiful smile can light up your face and tell the world how happy you are. You wedding is one of the most important days of your life and a radiant smile is going to portray happy emotions like no other part of your face.

Our lips help us in so many ways and we use them for so many things from eating, talking and smiling and facial expressions such as anger, surprise and happiness are shown on our lips.

Lips are very sensitive and there are all kinds of reasons why they can end up chapped and dry looking, making your face appear pale, unattractive and dull but with some thoughtful care and attention your lips can be lustrous, radiant and shimmering, and of course invitingly kissable!

Taking Care of your Lips

Dehydration can play havoc with your lips so try and drink at least 2 litres of water a day. Sugary drinks can cause dehydration and dark drinks can discolour your lips.

Vitamin E protects lips especially in the harshness of winter and is an ideal remedy for chapped lips and can be found in capsules as well as lipstick tube applications.

Increase your vitamin intake the natural way by eating lots of fruit and vegetables to help not only your lips but your skin.

Limit your alcohol intake as this will dehydrate your body and in turn your lips.

As much as we enjoy intensive kissing it can be somewhat abrasive to lips.

When our lips are dry we automatically lick them but the saliva will evaporate and take with it the natural moisture that lips produce making our lips even drier. 

Biting lips is a habit and dries out lips and is just as worse as licking.  If you are a biter you should try and break the habit by maybe chewing gum or apply lip balm regular.

Lip balms with high protective sunscreen added will help protect against sun damage both in the summer and winter months.  Although the sun is hotter in the summer there is the risk of dry air in the winter and light reflected off snow can be far worse for your lips than the summer sun.

Smoking will cause premature wrinkles on your lips as over time the repetitive process of using your lips to inhale while gripping a cigarette will create those fine lines on both the top and bottom lips.

Tit Bits

healthy lipsBee or palm wax has a medicinal effect and brings nourishing components to your lips.  In stick form as a lipstick deprived of colour the wax creates a protective shell on your lips and has a healing effect.

For dry skin on your lips, use a toothbrush to lightly brush away dead skin.

If you are unlucky to get a cold sore one of the worse things you can do is pick away at it! (Tip: By using Zovirax at the first tingling stages of a cold sore you could prevent it from becoming full blown or at least reduce the length of the outbreak)

Emotional problems, tiredness and stress can all be the cause of inflammation to the lips.

Sudden falls and rises in temperature can cause chapped lips and a lip protection kept in your handbag can become one of your necessary accessories.

Last thing at night using petroleum jelly will help keep your natural moisture in and prevent dehydration because it is not absorbed into the skin and will remain on your lips until you wipe it off in the morning.

At the end of your wedding day your wonderful moisturised and radiant healthy lips will have smiled and laughed so much so they will be aching but you won’t care!