Bridal Lingerie

Finding the right bridal lingerie is as important as finding the right dress. Many bridal shops will insist you wear your lingerie for your fittings so they can make true adjustments to your dress. Here we offer help and advice to make sure you make the right choice.

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How do I find the right fitting bra?

Believe it or not more than 70% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra. So if you suffer from any of the follow problems;

  • Shoulder straps digging into your shoulders
  • Back of bra not level with the front
  • Bra stands away from the breast bone
  • Breasts not contained fully within wires, squeezed out of the cups or sagging

- Chances are you too are wearing the wrong sized bra.

You can find out your bra size by taking two simple measurements (in inches): your band size and your cup size.

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1. The Band Size (also known as the chest size )

Measure your ribcage directly under the bust using a soft-tape measure, not over clothes. The tape should rest snugly and smoothly across the back, level with the front. You can find the band size using the table below :

Chest Size Measurement INCHES
Bra Band Size  


2. The Cup Size

Measure around your body over the fullest part of your bust. Ensure the tape is level, but not to tight.

The difference between this measurement and the Bra Band Size (see table 1) is your cup size.

Difference INCHES
Bra Cup Size  

For example :
If your first measurement was 34 inches giving you a Band Size of 38 (table 1) and your second measurement (fullest part of your bust) was 34 you would then subtract one from the other, leaving 4 inches. If you refer to table 2 you will see that a difference of 4 inches gives you a Cup Size of D.

3. What type of bra suitsme?

Small busted


  • Wear traditional full cupped bras, as this tricks the eye into thinking you have larger breasts
  • Wear underwire and padded bras as they enhance the volume of your cleavage
  • Wear bras with frills as they accentuate your bust size.


  • Wear half cupped bras, as they will make your breasts feel smaller than they really are.

Big busted


  • Wear fuller figure underwire bras as they provide support and comfort for your breasts.
  • Wear a smooth and seam-free bra, with little or no lace, as this will help to make your bust appear smaller.
  • Wear a basque, as these are prefect for creating a smooth line under your wedding dress, and offer great support.


  • Wear bras with little fabric such as triangle bras as they will provide you with little support.



How do I find the right bridal lingerie?

Finding the right bridal lingerie is as important as finding the right dress. Many bridal shops will insist you wear your lingerie for your fittings so they can make true adjustments to your dress.

When choosing your bridal lingerie it needs to:

  • Look beautiful and stylish
  • Be very comfortable, as you will be wearing it all day
  • Match the colour of your dress to prevent guests being aware of your underwear

The right bridal lingerie for the right dress

Fitted wedding dresses

A smooth seam-free style bra and matching brief would be ideal. Avoid lacy bras and knickers unless you want to reveal to all your guests what your wearing underneath your wedding dress.

Strapless wedding dresses

If you want to wear a strapless wedding dress then you must find a strapless bra or basque. Basques are often boned in the body so are perfect for creating that smooth line finish.

Your Bridal Lingerie

Let us know what your bridal lingerie was like, so that we can place details here and maybe give inspiration to others!

"Get measured, there is no point buying that amazing basque if it makes you bulge out in all the wrong places!

Obviously check it works with your dress as well as soem dresses are too fine and allow lacy patterns to show through.

I have decided to wear something comfy and practical in the day - 'suck it in' pants, holdups and strapless bra then change into something more glam at night, that way I can look my best all day and not worry about things showing or riding up etc." Jenny Evans

"I have ordered my lingerie from figleaves, i have gone for an ivory bra with lacy shorts and holdups- luckily i managed to get a discount on the order and free delivery so pleased about that." Melissa Taylor

"As I'm getting married abroad I'm keeping my underwear to a minimum. Just having a strapless bra if my dress isn't corsetted and matching knickers/thong. I'm not planning on wearing tights/holdups and a basque is not my cup of tea. I'm going for simple yet elegant underwear, much more geared for comfort. Of course the fancy underwear will be saved for after the big day..." Sarah Dawson

"Being a larger chested lady i used debenhams. I found their service fab and the bra was quite resonably priced." Kiwi