Using the Toilet in your Wedding Dress

bride in bathroomIt is one of the most important days of your life.  You and your partner have been planning it for months and finally it has arrived!  All the preparations you have made and worried over are in place and you have thought about every single little detail - except one; how on earth do you go to the toilet without ripping or wetting your beautiful wedding dress?

It isn’t a question that most brides wonder about on their wedding day, they have so much to look forward to and after all the extensive planning that has been going on they want to just enjoy the day and not have to worry about tiny little details, but perhaps this is something that all brides should consider, particularly when trying on and buying their wedding dress.

If you asked this question to the general public you would expect to receive flippant remarks to make light of the situation such as:

  • With great difficulty!
  • Put a nappy on!
  • Strap a bottle to your leg or get a SheWee (plastic funnel)!
  • Cross your legs!
  • Get a catheter fitted!

Whilst these are all funny recommendations it is probably not the best guidance you can take note of.  Whatever the style of wedding outfit you have chosen, at some point you will need assistance in going to the bathroom, particularly if the dress you have has a large skirt then you will most definitely need help.

Our Advice for Using the Toilet in a Wedding Dress

Following are some tips on how to manage going to the toilet on your wedding day:

  • bride in bathroom 2It is probably a good idea not to drink a lot on the morning of your wedding day and obviously go to the toilet just before putting on your dress.
  • Try to limit the amount of fluid you have throughout the day.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for help, particularly from your bridesmaids, that is what they are there for, to offer help to the bride.  Get them to hold up your dress and/or train, even having one of them standing either side of the toilet holding your dress is a good suggestion.
  • Be sure to warn your bridesmaids about this before the day so they are prepared when the request comes and perhaps do a practice run at home before you leave.
  • Do some research into the reception venue or hotel where you are staying as some of them do have specific rooms for brides and grooms or they may even have a larger toilet facility so you have more room to manoeuvre.
  • If it is a small cubicle, walk backwards into the toilet holding your dress up high rather than walking in and then trying to turn around or lift up your dress.
  • Alternatively you could sit on the toilet facing the wall, in effect backwards, which will leave the larger section of your skirt and/or train behind you and all you will have to worry about is the front section.  However, be sure to check that the floor is clean in the cubicle that you chose or your actions will defeat the object of keeping your dress unsoiled.
  • If you choose the option above, be very careful when coming out of the cubicle as you do not want to step on your dress and rip it.
  • In some situations it might be worth while taking your outfit off completely, ensuring that you have someone with you to lock the door from unwanted visitors and to hold your dress.  Do not even attempt to fold it neatly on the floor or the sink units. 
  • Not all of you want to disrobe completely so perhaps this should be saved for using the hotel bedroom that you are staying in.
  • bride feetUse the disabled toilet remembering of course not to take it over as a large wedding dress does not legally qualify as a disability.
  • If you have a large train that you do not want to detach then have someone hold the train over the dividers for the cubicles if possible.
  • Remember if you have a long veil to take that off too as the bottom may end up getting wet in the toilet bowl.
  • If you are wearing underwear, ensure it is not too difficult to take down or remove.
  • If you have a hoop under your dress, lift it up and put the dress skirt inside the dip which will protect the fabric and then hold the hoop at your waist.
  • Get your bathroom buddy to keep a small disinfectant spray in their purse and use that instead of using the water from the taps and risk splashing your dress.

These are all great tips to think about but just remember not to panic, most brides have been in this situation at some point and they managed to go to the bathroom without any problems.  Don’t be embarrassed about asking for the help you need and most importantly enjoy your day.

Choosing Your Underwear

To allow for easier access when going to the bathroom it is probably a good idea to think sensibly about your wedding underwear.  You of course want to wear something that is comfortable as well as something that makes you feel good but try to avoid anything that requires a lot of buttons or hooks as these can certainly impede your bathroom skills.