Bridal Wedding Night Lingerie

bridal lingerieWhat you wear in the day during your wedding is normally chosen for support, shape and above all comfort but your lingerie for evening wear is where the overall look is more important and you endeavour towards that wow factor.

It’s the end to a perfect day when every new bride and groom celebrates their first night of married life in the privacy of their room.

Every bride wants to look and feel extra special on the most important day of her life and the evening is the ‘icing on the cake’ when you get the chance to feel and portray desirability, elegance and sexuality to your new husband who has no doubt been waiting to shower you with intimacies.

Styles of Wedding Lingerie

There are so many different styles and textures you can choose to wear on your wedding night from sexy to demure, elegant to naughty and leather to lace.  When deciding bear in mind that you need to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. 

Most lingerie styles will suit any shape and size of body but in one case getting the right fit with exotic wedding night lingerie style can be important.

Men being visual creatures are easily affected by seductive lingerie and choosing a style that will show just enough of you to keep him guessing will also flatter the most attractive parts of your body as well as giving you an added air of sexy self-confidence.

Online Shopping for Bridal Lingerie

If you feel you are too shy to go and try on lingerie you can always shop in the comfort of your own home and do away with the stores fitting rooms and harsh lights plus shop assistants who are only too willing to help but you don’t feel comfortable with.

There is a vast online market for wedding lingerie today which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the added bonus of offering discreet packaging and being able to return if not happy.

You can find a huge selection of quality lingerie in all shapes, sizes, colours and fabrics which once delivered to your home you can take your time trying them on to find the right one you know you feel and look good in.  Invite a special friend who will be totally honest with you and open a bottle of wine to make your evening into a more relaxed and enjoyable one.

Regular and plus sizes are more readily available now than ever before and remember your husband loves you for what you are not what shape or size your body is and he is sure to enjoy you accenting your body by wearing sexy silk and/or lace.

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Wedding Night Lingerie Styles and Materials

At what time that you actually put on your wedding night lingerie is really a personal choice.  You may want to simply peel off your dress to reveal a stunning set of suspenders and garters with a matching bra or you may want to take time by yourself to freshen up and make an entrance wearing something special to make your new husband’s eyes pop out.  (Tip: Let him use the bathroom first.  You don’t want to be left standing alone in the room in wedding lingerie while he freshens up).

  • Baby dolls can be sweet and sexy and can give you a more relaxed feeling if you feel you don’t want to undress completely. The baby doll style creates a feminine flattering feature to your bust.
  • Fishnet lingerie from a full body stocking to chemises and teddies can be seductive and alluring.
  • Lace lingerie is considered top of the list in the ultimate sexy bedroom outfits. This can be from a full length sophisticated nightgown to a cute shrug thrown over the shoulders. (Tip: lacy can be very itchy so always try at least once for a few hours before your wedding night)
  • Leather lingerie can be naughty and erotic and is a highly shaped material.  Take into consideration the temperature as leather is air tight and you don’t want to spoil your wedding night by getting red in the face and breathing heavy for the wrong reasons.
  • For pregnant brides maternity lingerie is just as sexy and modest.  Maternity styles are made today that mimic regular lingerie but with the added allowance of more room around the tummy area. 
  • Fantasy lingerie can help in letting your inhibitions go and making your wedding night one to truly remember.   You can end your romantic and memorial day with some fun while dressed in a French maid or nurses outfit and don’t forget husband can be dressed as your very own doctor come to take your temperature after a long day.
  • A silk full length nightgown can give your body that sensual look that will drive him wild and bring out the temptress in you.
  • Corset with suspenders and lacy stockings are one outfit that no man can resist. 

Whatever style, colour or material you choose remember that your wedding night comes around only once in a lifetime. Your special night with your new husband will have been given so much thought and whereas your wedding dress will have been seen by family and friends all day – your husband will be the only person to see your wedding lingerie....

Tit Bits for the Bedroom

suspendersIf one or both of you are too exhausted or tipsy don’t take it to heart if you don’t make love.  It’s the first night of many and you may just want to sit back and unwind with each other, taking in your wonderful day. The ideas below can help to create a lovely night, regardless of how 'physical' you get.

  • Spend some relaxing time talking about your wedding.
  • Get soppy and romantic.
  • Tell him your favourite part of the wedding and ask him to talk about his.
  • Dim the lights or dot tea-light candles around the room.
  • Dab some light perfume in safe areas.
  • Play your favourite songs on a CD player.
  • Scatter rose petals around the room and on the bed.
  • If you have worn your hair up all day let it cascade down.
  • Toast each other with a chilled glass of champagne.
  • Enjoy a bubble bath together.

Choose not only for him but for you.  Feel comfortable, sexy and all woman as you embark on your new life together