The Brides Wedding Accessiores Area


Once you have chosen your wedding dress you really want to compliment that with a fantastic selection of bridal accessories.

To help you choose your bridal wedding accessories we have written a series of guides covering the key areas, from choosing the right necklace and earings, through to wearing the right garter.

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Bridal Accessories - it's not all about the dress, you have to consider your bridal accessories as well. Are you going to have any sort of headdress, a veil and necklace and earrings? We can help you to decide.

Wedding Hat – Wearing a hat at a wedding is very much up to each individual unless this is what the bride and groom ask for and it is stated on the invitation.

Wedding Ring – you are going to wear this every day for the rest of your life - make sure you choose the right wedding ring, one that fits on your finger as if it was meant for you and nobody else.

Wedding Shoes – how to choose the right shoes that not only look fantastic and make you feel elegant, but also won’t have you walking more like an elephant by the end of the night.

Walking in High Heels – For most women slipping our feet into a pair of high heeled shoes gives us that added height, helps to make our stomachs look slightly flatter, ankles slimmer and gives that added femininity to our walk.

Wedding Gloves –traditionally, gloves were very much part of the brides wedding attire.  Adding grace, sophistication and elegance and would always be purchased along with the train and veil. Will you wear them?

Wedding Pearls - one of the oldest known gems is the pearl and was once considered to be the most valuable one for centuries. Taken from the Latin meaning ‘unique’ attests the fact that no two pearls are identical.