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If it is not your dress, ring, accessories, health or hen night then it will be covered in this section.

We take a closer look at your makeover, applying a fake tan or having some henna body art. If you are pregnant bride we also have some advice for you.

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Brides Speech - For a bride to give a speech at her wedding it could be for a number of reasons.  It may be that her father is no longer there and she feels it only right that she says a few words in his absence or it might just be that in front of her family and friends she wants to thank them for coming to witness her commitment to her partner.

Boudoir Photography - Have you ever considered a Boudoir Photoshoot? Perhaps as a gift to your future husband for your wedding, perhaps something for you and your husband to do together or maybe you just want some 'different' photos with you wearing your wedding dress.

Pregnant Brides - Being a bride and mummy-to-be-can be both stressful and exciting for any woman at any time in her life and to walk down the aisle as a bride while pregnant should in no way spoil any part of your special day just because you may have a little bit of extra weight.

Alternative to Tossing the Bouquet - The tradition of throwing the bouquet is a bit uncertain with both England and France laying claim to the beginning of this custom.

Alterhnative to the Traditional Bouquet - The Bridal Bouquet is a focal point for any bride, especially when walking down the aisle just before the ceremony and again when the bouquet is thrown over the shoulder just after the ceremony.

Advice for Petite Bride - Every bride should feel confident when walking down the aisle regardless of shape or size and why should you not you feel special and beautiful, you are the bride after all! 

Advice for Tall Brides - The tall bride is considered one of the lucky ones that can wear almost any style of dress but of course she still needs to make sure the dress and accessories are not calling attention to a less-than perfect part of her body that she is not happy with.

The Fuller Figure Bride - Fuller figure brides should choose a gown with simple lines that skim their figure rather than hugging the figure as the simple lines will create a more slimming effect.

Gifts for your Partner - The bride would usually present her groom with a watch to wear on the wedding day, with a personal engraving of a message of love or just their names and date of marriage.