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Brides on the whole do not give as much thought to their wedding shoes, as they do to their dress. Brides tend to think all wedding guests attention will be drawn, understandably, to their dress. But this isn’t strictly true. If you are wearing a short dress in particular, guests eyes will naturally be drawn to your legs and feet, and therefore your wedding shoes. So it pays to spend time on choosing the right pair for your ‘Big Day’.

Read others and tell us about your wedding shoes...

Choosing the right pair of wedding shoes

If you buy your wedding dress from a shop most shops will try and sell you a pair of bridal shoes. If you don’t like the range they offer, or you think there a little over priced, then don’t feel obliged to buy any just because they are selling you a dress.

Be cheeky and ask if they can take photographs of you in your wedding dress and then shop around until you’re happy you’ve found a pair of wedding shoes which complement both you and your dress.

Heels or no heels

If you’re like me, a girl who rarely wears high heeled shoes, you may think that heels for your wedding shoes will be highly impractical. However, for once in my life, I wanted to make a really special effort and feel elegant on my wedding day. So, I searched high and low (excuse the pun) for a pair of wedding shoes which had a heel, but still would not have won any prizes in a high heeled shoes competition.

If you can wear heels then why not. This is also a handy skill if the groom is significantly taller than you.

Open toe / closed toe sandals

If you are getting married somewhere exotic, the chances are it will be very hot. In a hot climate it would make sense to wear a pair of sandals. Sandals will give your feet a chance to breathe, and if you do take them off during the course of the day you won't kill your guests with the smell.

If you are getting married on a beach or your walking around a gravelled area then opt for the closed toe sandal, as you don’t want to be spending your time removing sand and gravel from your toes all day long!

Wedding Shoes Do's and Don't's

  • Your wedding shoes should always compliment your dress.
  • If your dress is patterned then your bridal shoes, if you decide you want patterned, should be similar in style. If in doubt always opt for plain wedding shoes, that way you can’t go wrong.

Your Wedding Shoes

Let us know what your wedding shoes are, so that we can place details here and maybe give inspiration to others!

"I have big white platform boots!! Both my bridesmaids are taller than me, so I thought the boots would give me some height as well as look Fab!!!" Rachel

"When I chose to have a pink dress my second thought was 'oh no, I'll never find the right shoes' I thought it was going to cost me a fortune in having them dyed, and bridal shoes are not always the cheapest to start with. Then totally by accident I found the perfect pair in teh Next Directory, for £25! Bargain - I also managed to get both my bridemaids shoes there to match!

So it is always worth checking out 'normal' shoe shops etc - especially if you are looking for a different colour. It is worth shopping around." Jenny Evans

"I bought my shoes even before my dress. I'm getting a floor length wedding dress so they'll be hidden anyway. They're very sparkly and also suitable for me to wear on nights out after the wedding as they're not made as wedding shoes. I've got small heels as my fiance is about the same height as me and I'll make sure I get a good few hours of wearing them in around the house. Also before the big day I'll sandpaper the bottom of them so I don't slip over down the aisle!" Sarah Dawson