Brides - How to beat stress on your wedding day

Getting married can be a daunting prospect, no more so than for the bride. You have the feeling that everybody is watching you, that you are the center of attention, well, it's a feeling with substance because you are!

We have put together some advice to help you stay calm on your magical day, we hope these help you to relax and enjoy your wedding day to the fullest.

Tell us how you beat the stress...

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Traveling to the church / venue

The journey can seem ever so long, you have time to dwell on the huge day ahead, so read the 4 tips below and stay in control.

  • Arrange to have your favourite piece of music played in the car.
  • Have your Groom prepare a tape to help beat your stress, ask him to tell you how he feels about you, reminding you that you shouldn’t get stressed - just enjoy the day.
  • Have the air conditioning on, or a mini hand held fan, so that you don’t get too hot. Be careful with winding down the window as it may ruin your hair!
  • Strike up a conversation with the people in the car, don’t just sit in silence (a great subject is your honeymoon), so that it distracts from the journey to the church.


Walking down the aisle

You thought the journey to the church was long... well now you can see the aisle it looks a long, long walk... with so many people watching you.. 3 snippets of advice to keep you steady on your feet.

  • Practice walking down the aisle beforehand as this will allow you to choose a focal point to fix your eyes on.
  • How do you walk? If you tend to lean forward or hunch then get some practice in by balancing a book on your head whilst walking in a straight line, preferably in your wedding shoes or at least some that are very similar. This will help you to develop an upright posture and will make you feel more confident.
  • Why not break with tradition and ask your H2B to look round at you whilst you walk down the aisle – a smile from the Groom can work wonders to re-assure you.


Saying your wedding vows

Not only are all eyes on your but there is silence in the room, it is what you say as well as how you look now. Here are 5 pointers to get you through your vows without clamming up!

  • Most important - practice saying your vows before hand.
  • Take your time and focus on the minister or the registrar as they speak to you.
  • Make sure you breathe properly, nice and steady – having air in your lungs will make it easier!
  • You may want to hold your partners hand for support.
  • If your H2B is not the sort to start a fit of the giggles then you may find comfort in looking at him – but don’t stop listening to the Minister!


Posing for the wedding photos

Many brides will think the worse is over by the time the photos are done, many love having their photo taken, but if you are a bride who is camera shy or you are (worrying that you won't look perfect, read the following 6 pointers.

  • Talk and meet with your photographer beforehand so you know exactly what photos they will want to take, that way you don’t get caught out doing a pose you haven’t prepared for. The aim of this is to make you feel more relaxed on the day.
  • Photographers are frequently offering the bride and groom reportage style photos.  These can replace or compliment the formal photos which are traditional staged. The reportage photos allow the wedding day to unfold whilst the photographer unobtrusively captures precious moments. You may want to consider this option as the end result could be more natural, without you having to worry about posing for every photo.
  • Ask the photographer to come to your house/hotel on the morning of the wedding to take some photos of you and your friends and family. This will get you used to being in their presence.
  • Practice smiling in front of the mirror, practice to a point of where you have found an expression you are comfortable with and you look natural.
  • Visit the dentist and have a scrape and polish so that you will smile with confidence.
  • Have a close friend on standby who can touch up your make-up on the day, get them to carry a small mirror (so you can check for your own piece of mind)


During the wedding speeches

Speeches you may think.. speeches, I am not giving a speech! Well, ok, maybe not - but some brides do. And even if you are happy to sit and watch others, what will you do if they turn to you and ask a question? Here are 5 ways to make the speeches easy as pie (like the one you just had for pudding)

  • If you are giving a speech, the Bride traditionally gives hers last – if you find this daunting you can speak whenever you want.
  • If you are worried that you won’t be able to make your speech then consider telling only your H2B that you want to make a speech, but tell him that you may change your mind.  If you don’t have anybody expecting you to make a speech, you will not feel as much pressure and you can decide not to speak at the very last moment.
  • Prepare your speech beforehand and practice well in advance.
  • Have a few queue cards close by with the main points in big bold letters, just to jog your memory.
  • You may have eyes turning to you for a comment in response to the other speeches – this could be largely impromptu so you can’t really prepare a response – but by being prepared to make a comment, you will not get caught off guard.


The dreaded first dance

OK, so you may not be dreading the first dance, perhaps you were National Tango Champion 2007 - but if like most Brides you were not, and your dancing so far in life has been kept within the confines of the school play and nightclubs, you are going to need some help.

  • There really is only one way to overcome a fear of looking silly on the dance floor – learn to dance.  If you can afford private lessons you will be sure to surprise everyone on the wedding day. Learn something that is within your ability and that you can practice at home.
  • If you can’t afford to take private lessons just practice dancing at home (possibly buy a video) and you will still give yourself confidence for your first dance.
  • If learning to dance is not an option you can consider getting the bridesmaids or a few close friends to come to the dance floor after 60 seconds or so, this will limit the time you are out there on your own.

We hope that these simple tips help to reduce your stress levels on the wedding day.  Join in our forums to talk to other brides about reducing stress on your wedding day.

If you have any suggestions of your own, please let us know!