Fake Tan for Brides

fake tan 1In Victorian times it was unthinkable for ladies to allow the sun to shade any part of their milky white skin and great lengths were taken to ensure this did not happen.

Parasols were considered a much needed accessory of an outfit and would always be used while stepping outside.

Today’s modern women seem to want the opposite and prefer their skin to have some colouring while at the same time are all too aware of the damage and dangers caused by the natural sun and sunning beds.

Fake tans have come a long way from the smelly, sticky and streaky lotions of the 80’s and 90’s and applied correctly by following guidelines and advice, there is no reason why you can’t show off those fabulous tanned shoulders, back, arms and legs while floating down the aisle on your wedding day.

With the many choices on offer you may be hard pushed on deciding which one is the best for you.  Shop around and take personal recommendations and advice from others and above all don’t be heavy handed or you may just find yourself glowing as bright and colourful as the orange blossom in your wedding bouquet.

Getting the Perfect Fake Tan

There are various methods of obtaining a self fake tan from mousse to lotion, spray to gel and wipe on pads.

But whatever type you use it can sometimes turn into a disaster of blotches and streaks if not applied correctly.

It is not a case of just dobbing it here and there and half heartedly rubbing it.  Tans take time and patience and you need to plan ahead and get your skin ready.

Some tips to follow are:

  • Patch Test. Always do this at least 24 hours before.
  • Exfoliate. This is considered one of the most important first steps in getting ready for your fake tan.  Well hydrated and smooth skin is always the best way to start and don’t forget to do your face.
  • Clean Skin.  Always remove any make-up, perfume and deodorant before applying the tan.
  • Moisturise. Apply to dry areas, elbows, knees, heels and feet.
  • Jewellery. Remove all jewellery, including rings.
  • Showering.  Do not apply right after a shower.  Your pores will be opened up and your skin too warm.  If you have no option always finish your shower with a cold rinse.  This will cool your skin and close the pores.
  • Gloves.  Wearing gloves while applying the tan will ensure you do not end up with orange palms.
  • Feet First.  Apply first at the feet and work your way up.  Make sure you finish one part of your body before you move on to the next.
  • Applying.  Always apply or spray with small circular movements, starting with one leg at a time.  Pay special attention to your feet by using feathery movements around the heel and do not forget to go in between your toes.
  • Thick Skin.  Avoid direct application to the elbows and knees where the skin can be thick, folded and rough.
  • Overuse.  Don’t overuse the product.  It’s always safer to add more than take off.
  • Feather Strokes. To get the back of your hands to match place palms onto a flat surface and apply with feather strokes.  Shape your hand into a claw to help get in between the fingers.
  • Face. When applying to your face tie hair back with a band and do not forget ears, eyelids and the back of your neck. 
  • Take Your Time. Resist the urge to get it done more quickly by using long strokes on legs, arms or neck – this could result in streaks.
  • Double Check.  Once you have finished applying, double check in the mirror for any parts you may have missed.
  • Getting Dressed.  Follow recommended guidelines of how long it takes before you can safely get dressed.
  • Clothing. Once dressed, try and use loose clothes to give your body that extra chance to breath.
  • Timing.  If you are using a wash or wipe off fake tan make sure you comply with the timings on the packaging.  Thinking you will get a darker tan if you leave it longer could result in blotches and give you that orange look.
  • Next Day. Rinse well in the shower the following morning until the water is clear and then pat not rub yourself dry.

The Pro’s and Con’s of Fake Tans:

fake tan 2A quick look at the pro's and con's of your spray tan options.

Foam Tan
Pros - This can be easy to spread and dries rapidly.
Cons - Can dry out the skin if you do not moisture daily.

Spray Tan
Pros -
  Quick application and avoids getting on the palm of your hands.
Cons - Difficult as you really need somebody to spray it on for you.

Lotion and Cream Tan.
Pros - Product already contains moisture so lessens the need to do so yourself.  Also is prone to less drying out.
Cons - May not spread quite so easy and will take longer to dry.

There are over the counter tanning pills that contain the ingredient ‘tyrosine’.  This is required by our bodies to produce melanin which is what tans the skin.  Taking these tablets will not give you a sun free tan because they will not work unless you expose your skin to the UV rays. 

Other tanning pills contain beta carotene and taken enough your skin will change colour, albeit orange!

Maintaining Your Fake Tan

Once you have gone to the trouble to apply your fake tan you may as well take care to make it last as long as possible - follow these tips ;

  • Moisturise your skin all over every day.
  • After showing always pat dry.
  • Avoid Swimming in chloroform swimming pools.
  • Gently exfoliate three or four days afterwards.  Skin cells shed at different times and this will help in skin becoming patchy.
  • Re-apply at least once a week or by product information. Dryer skins may require more than one application a week.

How do Fake Tans Work?

fake tan 3Fake tans contain bronze pigments that darken the top layer of the skin.  This is caused by a chemical reaction called oxidation that can take from 2 to 6 hours to work. 

The active ingredient that causes oxidation, and is in most of today’s self tanning products, is a 3 carbon molecule called dihydroxyacetone which works by binding to the proteins in the skin.  The deeper and darker the fake tan is down to the concentration with the dihydroxyacetone which can vary from 3 to 10 per cent.

We lose this top layer of our skin as it undergoes the natural loss of dead skin cells and this is the reason the tans fades if more fake tanning is not applied.

Why Brides Want Fake Tans

There are many reasons why people would want a fake tan, especially so for their wedding day. Here are some;

  • Some believe it makes them look healthier and it certainly is better and safer than natural sunbathing.
  • It can help camouflage any imperfections we are self conscious of such as broken capillaries and uneven pigmentation.
  • Others are unlucky to never tan naturally, no matter how long they try.
  • A fake tan stops us from feeling self conscious that everybody knows we have just stepped off the plane when abroad on holiday.
  • Helps in wearing less make up.

Remember that fake tanning does not protect you from the suns harmful rays  – ALWAYS apply sun protection when going out or sunbathing.