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Hen Party

I think it is very important that you both go out and have your last moment of freedom. I was a bit naughty though, I had two hen parties because I had a lot of freedom to lose. I had one hen party with my family in the south and then the other hen night with my friends in the north.

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Before you have your hen party you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you want from your hen party?
  • What do your friends want from the party? Remember, although it's your party they will want to be entertained also.
  • What is your budget, and the budget of your friends. There is no point in booking a weekend in Barcelona if you are the only one that can afford to go.

Traditionally the brides friends would arrange the hen party and the bride would just have to trust their friends, hoping that she would make it back home with at least some shred of dignity.

In recent times brides have become more independent, many have taken control of their parties, or even better, entrusted special entertainment organisations to arrange the whole thing.

Once you have decided on your hen night plans you need to spread the word. You could e-mail out or send invitations through snail mail, or you could use a website to manage your invitations and keep everybody up to speed with your plans on your own personalised web page.

Budgeting for your Hen Party

If you and your friends don't have a lot of spare cash it doens't mean the end to your fun. Consider a night out on the tiles. Take in a few pubs and clubs followed by a few more pubs. Go on, let your hair down and be the dancing queen you always wanted to be.

You could try the more sophisticated approach of going to a few wine bars, have a sit down meal and then salsa the night away.

Medium budget

Why not employ a specialist company to organise your hen party and avoid the hassle? If you do, then bear the following in mind :

  • Check out any special offers on nights or weekends.
  • Check what's included in the hen party package.
  • Check if the organisers offer customised parties.
  • Check if they offer a no quibble refund policy if people drop out.

Big budget

Lots of money to spend, then why not go abroad for your hen weekend. The most popular destinations are in Europe, including Prague, Amsterdam and Barcelona.

Don't forget though :

  • Check your passport is in date.
  • Take out travel insurance.

Your Hen Party

Let us know what your hen party was like, so that we can place details here and maybe give inspiration to others!

"I had my hen weekend in Edinburgh. We took part in White Water Rafting, bit different to your pampering days! It was great fun and perfect for adrenalin seeking hens! We did have a evening meal in Edinburgh for the people who could not take part in the Rafting." Sarah

"Have a jewellery making party for your hen's night - we had one with claire aristides jewellery school. sooo much fun. we got to make sparkly earrings to wear out later that night. my m-inlaw made hers for the wedding day." Roison

"I recently had an amazing Hen do at My Chocolate - an gorgeous retro style chocolate workshop in London. We tasted chocolate, talked about chocolate, drank champagne & learnt to make our own chocolates which we were able to take home in pretty ribbon tied boxes. Highly recommended!! :)" Nikki

"Had a large party of 30 ladies, ranging between 22 and 60+ years old, and finding something to suit everyone was becoming a severe headache. That was until I came across the idea of a Murder Mystery night - hosted at a hotel, 3 course meal, overnight accommodation and a fantastic actor with an equally good a script for the henettes to recite during the course of the evening to unveil the who dunnit.

Brilliant night, laughed so much my sides hurt. Everyone commented on how good the night was and everyone took part in the festivities. Event company was Big Monty Productions - would recommend to anyone with a big group." Miss V

"My hen night was arranged in secret by my sister (CBM) and best friend (another BM) They hired a hummer limo for me and 13 others and we went for a cruise with 5 bottles of champers!! We then went to a restaurant/club where they had decorated the place, arranged forfeits and treats and we had an overall brill night!" Zoe @ Kraftikards

"No sleaze and a small amount of cheese but we were certainly pleased with our Hen Night at The Adonis Cabaret Show. I was one of the privileged few to experience the premier at Turnmills club. After our free cocktails and buffet meal, we settled down on our stage side seats where we got a great view of the nights performances. The evening was a mixture of cheeky comedy and seriously sexy strippers each with their own distinctive talents. The acts were slick and professional and had obviously been well thought out." Jane, Newbury

"I had my hen weekend in London >> . We had a very girlie weekend which started with a lovely meal in Tiger Tiger followed by salsa bar. The following day we went to the health spa in Covent garden, The Sanctuary. Having spelt all morning being pampered we then hit the shops in Oxford Street and Knightsbridge." Stephanie from Kent

"I decided that I would have my hen night in Manchester. We went to a few bars in the Print Works and had a great meal in China Town. We then went sent the rest of the night working our way all the bar in Canal Street. We had a brilliant time I just wish we could have turned it into a long weekend." Mary, from Essex

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