Irish Wedding Dress

irish wedding dressEvery single bride wants their dress to be perfect, the best looking and something that every single one of her guests will take notice of and remember.  For some brides when they consider their dress they picture in their head the most elegant and lavish gowns and these can be represented greatly by the traditional Irish wedding dresses!

These Celtic dresses are popular and are increasingly becoming more attractive to brides who want to add that little bit of elegance to her bridal outfit.  The dress designs come from a beautiful country with wonderful rituals that have spanned the generations.

The Traditional Dress

When imagining an Irish dress, typically they are similar to wedding dresses of olden days gone by, the times of princesses, love and romance.  Originally they were blue in colour but over the years they have taken on different looks and colours but most still follow similar characteristics including long trains, corsets, detailed embroidery and big sleeves as well as being comfortable and flattering to the bride that wears it.

As with any dress, there are plenty of varieties to choose from with varying hemlines and bust lines and wonderful train lengths that will enhance any bride’s look.

Can You Find an Irish Wedding Dress?

It may not be possible to find this type of dress in general bridal shops but that should not stop any bride from looking around.   Most of these dresses will come from small, perhaps local dressmaker shops or even online.  The gowns are usually made to order so should fit perfectly without much alterations being done before the big day.

Another option would be to hire a local tailor or seamstress to make your perfect dress for you.  You might have your own ideas for the design and they should be able to work with you and design a completely original and stunning dress.

The Magic Handkerchief

A lovely tradition that is affiliated with the Irish wedding dress is the magic handkerchief.  It is a small piece of fabric, usually made from the same material as the dress which the bride carries with her either up her sleeve or inside the bodice of her gown during her wedding day.  After the day is over, the handkerchief is customarily sewn into a baby’s hat which signifies the bride’s possible future of becoming a mother.

In addition to this tradition, if the bride has a girl of her own her daughter will receive the magic handkerchief and be able to carry it with her on her own wedding day and this will enable her to then pass it down to her daughter should she have one.

Some brides choose not to carry the handkerchief and prefer just to wear the dress purely for its beauty and how it makes them feel but this unique ritual marks the celebration of a couple’s union and their hopes of becoming a family.

Other Wedding Traditions

green dressEvery country, religious group and community will have its own customs regarding weddings, for instance:

  • As well as the bridal shower tradition in America, they also consider it compulsory for the bride to have a veil on which is not lifted until the groom does so at the altar.
  • Getting married while wearing an old pair of shoes is another Irish tradition that is still sometimes carried out.
  • Guests at a Russian wedding are required to drink alcohol and it is customary for them to be intoxicated.
  • In England, it is a tradition that the wedding cake is a fruit cake and usually the top tier is saved on the day until the couple have a christening for their first born child when the cake makes another appearance.
  • In Scotland the groom will attach a symbol of his family tartan onto the bride after the couple have exchanged their rings.
  • In some parts of Brazil, a groom must prove that he is worthy as a husband by taming a donkey for his bride.
  • In some parts of India the bride’s parents are required to travel to the parents of the groom for a large celebratory feast which is arranged by the groom’s family.
  • One Canadian custom is for the guests to form two rows of lines at the wedding to pay the newlyweds to dance with them.
  • Wearing black is not allowed at a Thai wedding.

Not everyone will want their wedding day to be full of Irish customs, unless you are Irish of course, but adding the element of an Irish wedding dress is a fantastic beginning.  If you do wish to add more of the Irish customs, you should ensure that you research them fully!