Advice for Petite Brides

petite brideEvery bride should feel confident when walking down the aisle regardless of shape or size and why should you not you feel special and beautiful, you are the bride after all!  There is plenty of advice available if you are tall or full figured or even pregnant and these shapes are not the only ones who have difficulty in choosing their perfect style.  Following is some advice for those brides who are petite in stature.

One of the most important decisions about your wedding day is what dress to wear.  You of course want something that will show off all your best features whether that is your small waist or your shapely neck and every dress you try on will emphasize a different feature.  Most brides do not want to look like a little girl, their aim is to look like an elegant woman and they want to add inches one way and take inches off from other places, they want to hide any wobbly bits and also show off their assets.  This can all be accomplished with the right wedding dress.

By the time most women are due to get married, they already know what style suits them but there is no harm in trying on all those gowns that the books and professionals tell you that you shouldn't wear.

Wedding Dress Ideas

  • Ballerina dress will make a petite bride appear small busted and wide hipped.
  • Bias cut dresses can give a great slim silhouette figure for a petite bride.
  • Empire line type dresses with their high waist seams and straighter skirts flatter almost every shape.  It can create the look of a great cleavage for those with smaller busts and even give a shorter bride the impression of height.
  • Fishtail gowns are ideal for the slim petite bride as not only is it figure-hugging it will not engulf the bride.
  • Halter neck dresses will give the impression of height on a petite bride but if you are pear shaped and petite it might be one to avoid as it will give your hips more width.
  • Petite brides should consider the Ball gown look very carefully as the fullness of the skirt may make them feel and look even more petite.
  • Princess lines and A-line dresses, however beautiful, could make a petite bride look all the shorter, particularly if the groom is over six foot.  However, these dresses will make the waist look smaller as they are narrow at the top and the skirt fans out hiding a multitude of sins below the waist.  These dresses are great if you want to show off your bust or your shoulders.
  • The trendy and popular sheath or column dress most definitely shows off every curve and looks wonderful on slim women of any height.
  • Two piece wedding dresses are great for making waists look smaller however be sure if you are choosing a corset style that it does not cut you in half and make you actually appear shorter.

These are just guidelines for you to follow as everyone can recommend a different shape of dress, similar to the opinions that you will have regarding a white or ivory dress.  The best thing to do is to choose a dress that you feel most comfortable in.

Your tastes will obviously vary from everyone else around you but do take advice, learn to look in the mirror, be honest and scrutinize your reflection until you are happy that you have achieved the look you want.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Are you comfortable wearing sleeveless or shoulder less dresses?
  • Can you manage with the weight of a full and heavy wedding dress?
  • Do you really want to cover up your slim figure with lots of ruffles or lace?
  • Do you want to look taller or are you happy wearing flats on the day?
  • Does your dress show off your best features?

Things to Consider

  • Consider having your dress made if you do not see one in a bridal shop that you like.
  • Ensure you have a bouquet that is relative to your size and not too big to hold in your hands.
  • If you do want to look taller, choose a headdress that will accentuate your height.
  • If you have found a style that you like, enquire if it is possible to have it custom made perfectly for your measurements.
  • Talk over and practice your hairstyles.

Think positively about your frame, being petite means you can sometimes have difficulty in finding clothes to fit your dainty size but the right dress is out there waiting for you.

Accessories for the Petite Bride

Remember to consider the proportions of any accessories to your wedding outfit.  Headdresses, jewellery and your veil should not drown you so you should question if these items are right for you.  Can you afford them and do they make you look fabulous?

Look for dainty looking tiaras or if you prefer the shorter veils, ensure it does not have a heavy border as this can give the impression of cutting you in half. 

Simplicity is the key when you are a petite bride.  Keep things such as beads and poufy layers to a minimum.  

Remember that gloves are not a good look if you are small; especially trying to find a pair that only comes up to your elbow and not underneath your arm.

If you are more comfortable wearing your flat shoes on the day then why not, you could always have a small step handy for standing next to your groom when the photographs are being taken.

Things for the Petite Bride to Avoid

  • Drop waists.
  • Extra long trains or veils.
  • Heavy borders or edging.
  • Lots of layers on the skirt.
  • Massive bows.
  • Necklines that are too high.
  • Poufy skirts or arms.
  • Too many sequins, patterns or beads.
  • Very heavy material.

As the bride-to-be, it is your right to take your time when looking for your perfect dress.  If you have the time and the energy to try on every single dress in the bridal shop then why not go for it!  Remember, yes you are petite but you are also a bride and picturing yourself on your day feeling glamorous and elegant will give you the confidence boost you need to find that dress that will suit you down to the ground!