Pregnant Brides

pregnant bride 2Being a bride and mummy-to-be-can be both stressful and exciting for any woman at any time in her life and to walk down the aisle as a bride while pregnant should in no way spoil any part of your special day just because you may have a little bit of extra weight.

Maternity wear for pregnant brides is very much on the up and up in today's market.  Long gone are the dresses that look like 'sacks' designed with the hope that mini bumps will not been seen! 

Pregnant brides at one time used to settle for register office weddings with no photographs of the happy day to look back on.  A quick cup of tea and a slice of cake back at Mum and Dad's house was the norm and only a few selected members of close family were invited.

With the surge in the latest trends of wedding dress designs for expectant brides there is a myriad of styles now available. From strapless to tapered tube-style to off the shoulder dresses and is no doubt a refreshing change from plain sheath with empire waistlines. Sleek, clingy, full skirted and beach wedding dresses are made with the expecting bride in mind and comfort in wearing the gowns is given a high consideration.

Elegant and trendy gowns of georgette and lace are being made with pregnant brides in mind.  Buttons running along the side of the dresses, fashioned feather woven maternity outfits, tie tabs in the back and floor length cocktail styles are now included in many wedding dress designers maternity lines.

If you have already purchased your wedding dress before you fell pregnant, or your baby decides to have a sudden growth spurt, there is the possibility you could have extra panels sewn into the dress or even a stretchy panel that sits snug at the waist. (Tip: Bows, accents and ruffles are usually best avoided if you are heavily pregnant).

Where to Look for Maternity Wedding Outfits

Wedding maternity outfits can be found in many bridal boutiques and if you can't see anything on display, don't be shy in asking if they have any in stock!  The internet also gives a wide range of choices.  Bargains can be found at EBay but choose your buyer carefully and always check their feedback. 

If you decide to order over the internet you won't be able to try on your outfit and you will have to plan ahead and allow room for growth.  Take accurate measurements and inform the shop of your birth and wedding dates.  It may be advisable to order your dress one size larger and if needed, it can be taken in. 

Try to get all alterations done in the last month or so and if possible even during the week leading up to your wedding.  A good expert will work alongside you and know all the tricks in helping your dress fit you comfortably.

Besides looking and feeling like a princess, comfort for the pregnant bride is one of the top priorities.  Choose a dress that eliminates lacy itchy sections and fabric that breathes. 

Pregnant Bride - Shoes

pregnant bride 1One of the most important things to remember is to wear comfortable shoes.  Standing on your feet most of the day is hard enough for any bride, never mind a mummy-to-be! You certainly do not want to be sat down during the evening because your feet are throbbing from ill fitted shoes you have worn all day. Remember to sit as often as you can and take short rests.

There are shoes to be found that are both fantastic and comfortable and its best to choose a low heel for safety reasons.  If you don't or can't wear low heels, go for a chunky and thicker heel which will give you more balance and stop you sinking into the ground if your venue is being held outside.

Swollen feet can occur during pregnancy so it may not be a good idea to buy your shoes too early.  If possible, leave the buying of them as near to the wedding as you can.

Better still, buy two pairs of shoes, if costs allow! You can buy them in different sizes and the larger ones may come in handy during the evening after being on your feet all day.  If you don't use the second pair, keep the receipt and return them to the shop. Or go for a slip on sandal for evening wear.

Be Merry But Be Carefully What You Eat and Drink

Drinking alcohol we know is not good for the baby.  Non alcoholic wines are available to fill up your champagne glass with.  Frozen daiquiri with no alcohol, or a refreshing glass of water with ice and a dash of lime or lemon and don't forget to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Be extra careful of raw seafood, soft cheeses and salad dressings.  If you are having deviled eggs or shrimps during your reception try and steer clear of them.  Under no circumstances should you eat anything that has been left on the buffet table that has not been refrigerated.

Talk to your wedding planner at your venue and ask if they can supply 'safe' choices for yourself.

Being a pregnant bride is a double celebration and a reason to have that added extra glow.  Enjoy your very special day to the full.  Don't try and squeeze your gloriously protruding belly or fabulous breasts into a dress that is too small!