Advice for Tall Brides

tall bride

The tall woman is easily noticed in any room as is indeed any blushing bride.  Being a tall bride can be classed by some as a blessing or a curse however comfortable and confident they are with themselves.

The tall bride is considered one of the lucky ones that can wear almost any style of dress but of course she still needs to make sure the dress and accessories are not calling attention to a less-than perfect part of her body that she is not happy with.

There is a wonderful range of options available for the tall bride depending on your taste and budget.

One of the first steps for a tall woman who is about to get married is to decide whether to emphasise her height or try and appear smaller in some way and depending on what you choose and how you wear it can go a long way in obtaining the look you are striving for.

Some small ideas and tips below may help in pointing you in the right direction.

Tall Bride Dress Style

Sheath Gown that is fitted from top to bottom can be worn by tall slender brides to give that truly elegant and glamorous look.

A-Line Gown with a dropped waist will work wonders for the bride with that hourglass figure.

Full Ball Gown is great choice for a pear shaped figure as it draws attention to the bodice and waistline while at the same time it minimises the hips and rear balancing out to give that feminine shape.

Strapless or Scooped Neckline style will shorten the width of wide shoulders and a dropped waist will elongate the bodice which further narrows the shoulders.

For those tall and very thin brides that do not wish to appear any more thinner than they are they should avoid long vertical lines and for tall but the fuller figured bride the vertical lines will give a slimmer appearance.

Tall brides should avoid gowns that have high necks with long sleeves.

If you have a bony collarbone off the shoulder or halter neckline dresses would be best avoided.

Tall brides with small or flat chests should steer clear of darted bodices made from stiff fabrics.

Headdress for the Tall Bride

Your choice of headdress can add extra height and take away focus from your wedding dress. 

A long flowing veil can be carried well by the tall bride who is not at all conscious of her height but remember it will make a tall bride look even taller so the more self-conscious bride should consider a much smaller veil but not too short.

To not add any further height veils can be worn without a tiara and flat on the head or pinned in at the back.

If your veil is to pinned in at the back and you feel your hair is not ornate enough without a tiara, why not try a flat headdress such as a diamante or satin one, or choose one of the single tiered tiaras’.

Hairstyles for the Tall Bride

tall bride 2Important factors to take into account when deciding on what hairstyle to wear on the most important day of your life is the length of your hair and the style of your wedding dress and naturally the hairstyle will come second to the dress yet at the same time they should both work together.

After these two important decisions have been made you should decide on how your hair is to be styled and if it’s to be worn up, down or half and half.
As a tall bride you can opt to go all out and have your hair swept up with a tiara or simply place flowers or diamantes among the curls.  Or, you can have your hair swept back with a tiny tiara and your veil can be tucked in at the back of the head as can an elegant fascinator that spreads across the side of your head as opposed to standing up adding height.

Long Hair

For the tall bride who does not wish to have her hair piled on top of her head which will add inches there is the sophisticated look of the French pleat which can be decorated with a single flower or diamante hair clip.

Smooth and shiny hair left to hang loose and natural can look wonderful on the tall bride and show off the great condition of the hair.

Long flowing locks in ringlets or loose curls can look just as wonderful and give that romantic look.

Hair tied back into a loose bun at the nape of the neck can be decorated with diamante or pearl clips or a ribbon tied around the bun and left to hang loosely down the back of the neck.

Short hair

Short hair can be decorated with a single flower, a tiny tiara or a flat jewelled headband.

Backcomb the hair at the crown and tuck behind the ears – this will show off your tiara and veil.

Hair can be scrunch dried to appear fuller and a single flower from your bouquet can be placed behind your ear.

A small circle of simple flowers can be placed on top of very short and simple hairstyles.

Tiny clips and combs that coordinate with your colours or tiny flower buds can be dotted here and there.

Flowers for the Tall Bride

long flowersBrides’ bouquets were at one time composed of just white flowers and usually only a choice of two styles namely the cascading waterfall or the posy.

Today there is far more emphasis put into choosing what is a very important part of the bride’s complete outfit.  Not only is the colour coordination taken into consideration but also the style of dress, the season and the shape and height of the bride.

A bouquet in the wonderful and full trailing waterfall style is very popular and this long cascading shape works well for the tall bride.

Flower bouquets that lie across the arm are also popular and well suited for the tall figure.

Shoes for the Tall Bride

The age old questions of ‘should I wear heels or flat shoes’ for many tall women is never more important than her wedding day.  If your fiancé is the same height or even taller than you then the decision is a no brainer but if hubby-to-be is much smaller than you and you don’t want to tower over him your choice of shoe will lean towards the flatter or tiny heel side.

Wearing flat shoes, sandals, ballet pumps or boots underneath your wedding dress is considered the norm these days.  No eyebrows are lifted in surprise no matter what the bride of today wears.

Tall brides can sometimes find it extra hard to find that special shoe they are looking for and instead of settling for second best or a pair you really don’t want why not try your hand at crafting and design your own shoe.  This can be done by simply adding crystals, bows or flowers to your shoes or why not buy matching diamante bracelets and glue them either across the front or/and around the ankle strap.

Whichever style and height of shoe you go for remember the most important thing is to choose ones that are comfortable to wear for long periods.  The sight of a tall bride walking crouched over because of sore feet will somehow take away that elegant and sophisticated look.

Tall Bride Jewellery Advice

Jewellery is for any woman a matter of personal choice and wedding jewellery is probably the most thought out selection you will ever choose.

From tiny delicate necklaces and single diamante earrings to huge cosmetic and theatrical pieces of gems and pearls the list is indeed endless and difficult until you find the perfect one.

Tall brides can carry almost any length of necklace and long slender necks will look fabulous with a bold choker which cuts the line of the neck.  Necklaces of precious stones and/or pearls can give that particular flattering and stunning look.

pearlsWhen wearing bracelets the tall bride should try and stay away from tiny pieces on their own but join together several delicate bracelets or a couple of wide ones.

Long dangling chandelier earrings can be especially flattering to the tall bride as can single long dropped diamantes.

Customised and handmade jewellery allows the tall bride plenty of creativity to obtain the perfect dazzling, elegant and sophisticated look all brides search for.

Top Tips for Tall Brides

A belt, sash or flowers in contrasting colours to your dress will help break up your height.

Remember your fiancé will be wearing shoes with heels on and will be standing up straighter than normal on his wedding day so you can opt for an inch or two higher shoes if you wish.

When buying or being fitted for your dress always try it on with a petticoat if you intend to wear one on your wedding day.  Petticoats will make your dress shorter and you don’t want to have it showing on your special day all because you didn’t try both the petticoat and dress together.

When looking through magazines remember the models are made to look fantastic in everything they wear and all hairstyles suit them so try and match up to a model bride with the same shape face as yours.

Don’t be slow in asking your bridal shop for ideas reference hairstyles and jewellery as well as your style of dress.  Remember they dress hundreds of brides every year.

Whatever dress, hairstyle, shoes and flowers you choose you will look stunning and feel every bit the princess of the day no matter how small or tall you are and your fiancé fell in love with you the person,  not your height so hold your head up and glide down that aisle every beautiful inch of you.