Walking in High Heels - Your Wedding


For most women slipping our feet into a pair of high heeled shoes gives us that added height, helps to make our stomachs look slightly flatter, ankles slimmer and gives that added femininity to our walk.

However, just to put on the high heels and start walking can be difficult for some of us if we are not used to wearing them.  It can feel quite unnatural and take some getting used to tottering around with an added height of 3 to 6 inches! 

If you have set your heart on wearing high heels for your wedding day and you do not normally wear them the following tips may help you to gain that acquired skill needed without falling flat on your face, or worse still hurting yourself.

Give yourself plenty of time to build up your confidence by practising walking a little bit each day in the privacy and comfort of your home by starting out with small heels.  You can then work your way up and find the height and thickness of heels that you feel most comfortable in.

Wedge Shoes can Help Balance

Kitten heels are probably the best ones to start with and then move on to the wedges.  The wedge shoes can help in maintaining your balance while giving your foot that added support and comfort and the feeling of having your foot placed high above the level of your toes.

Only go on to stiletto heels when you can walk around with no wobbling or feeling you are on a pair of stilts.  After wearing wedges you will need to learn to balance on stilettos as you will certainly feel the support difference between the two different styles of shoes.

Again, don’t try and go for those 4” heels just yet, try and start off with a 2” to 3” heel. 

When practising around the house do all the things you would normally do and try and walk on as many different surfaces as you are able to.  Shoes will feel different when worn on carpets, wooden floors, tiles and concrete.  Start off by walking on a carpet first as you may find this the easiest. (Tip:  If your shoes are slippery, rub them with some sandpaper or against a concrete step to make them slightly rough)

Pivoting around, putting on music and dancing, sitting down on a chair plus a low sofa and getting back up again are just a few of the things you can do to help you gain balance, posture and confidence. 

If you have a full length mirror spend some time looking at yourself while you walk in your heels. You can then see for yourself what you look like when you are better used to walking in heels over time.

High Heels and Stairs

high heels 3Above all do not forget the stairs!  When walking up the stairs place the ball of your foot on each step and when walking down place your entire foot on each step, with both heel and sole landing at the same time, with toe pointing at a slight angle toward the banister.  Hold on to the railing or banister gracefully for that added balance.

Once you feel you have gained confidence with your posture while wearing high heels then progress to wearing a pair when going out for a meal.  This way, you will be sat down most of the evening and have the added bonus of practising walking on them by getting in and out of the car/taxi and going to powder your nose. 

You can also stand for a short period of time knowing there is always a chair for you to sit down if they start to hurt or your confidence lacks a little bit.

Buying and Choosing your Wedding Shoes

high heels 5Once you have mastered the art of wearing high heels and you set off to buy that perfect pair, some tips to remember are always test the height of the heels before you buy them, and stand in the shoes on a hard floor with knees straight and raise yourself on your toes at least an inch. (If you find this difficult the heels are too high for you and you are not ready to wear them yet).

Walk around the shop and ‘listen’ to your feet.  If you feel pinching or rubbing anywhere chances are it will get worse the longer you wear those shoes. Take a long hard look at your feet if wearing open sandals.  The last thing you want to make you feel uncomfortable is the sight of an ugly corn or a large bunion straining against the side of the shoe. 

How to Walk in High Heels

Before putting on your heels stretch your toes for about 3-5 minutes spreading them apart as far as you possibly can, and then relax them.  Point and flex your feet to stretch your Achilles heel and circle your feet in a clockwise and then counter-clockwise direction.  These exercises will help ‘warm up’ the feet and calve muscles.

The higher the heel, the shorter your step is going to be and walking in heels will give your hips that ‘side-side’ sway.  Do not try and fight this natural gait as when worked correctly it can give that added womanly stride.

Your heels should go down first with the toes afterwards.  Do not put them down at the same time and for added balance place one foot directly in front of the other in steps of about 12 inches.

Walk in baby steps while making sure you do not bend your knees anymore than you normally do. Swing your arms slightly as you walk, to help you balance.

Final Tips - High Heels for your Wedding

high heels 1If you are having your wedding photographs taken outside on a grass area or a sandy beach for example, do not allow your heels to sink into the soft surface. Otherwise you run the risk of falling over and scuffing or marking your wedding shoes. If in any doubt take your wedding shoes off and walk bare feet. Better still, maybe the groom will carry you!

Consider buying a pair of high heels with a wide heel which you can practice your walking in. Wearing them around the house and going to the local shops will give your feet a really good workout and get them accustomed to wearing high heels under different surfaces. Consequently making it easier to make the transition to stiletto heel.

Place a foam or gel insole into your wedding shoes. This will make the shoe more comfortable to wear by cushioning the ball of your foot.

Play it safe and carry a few plasters in your purse, just in case you need them.

Remember you are going to be wearing your shoes for a long time on your wedding day, and you do not want to lose that glamorous look, make sure you follow all this advice – the last thing you want is to end up having a permanent grimace on your face!