Bridal Accessories - Earrings

bridal earrings 2Earrings are the ultimate face furniture and can be the final finishing touch to just about any outfit. And of all the outfits you will wear, there are none as important as your wedding outfit.

Your dress, shoes and flowers will be decided on with so much thought, time and effort right down to the last bead or carnation; as will your hairstyle and headdress so make sure you don't let things down by choosing the wrong earrings.

Wedding jewellery can be as elegant and simple or chunky and sparkling as your style of dress and hairstyle and should be matched well without the threat of overpowering the final perfect assemblage.

Coordination is important when choosing your jewellery and whether you buy your necklace first and then match the earrings or the other way around the final selection should match not only your personality but your dress style and bridal hair accessories.

Tips When Choosing Wedding Earrings

Stones and metals of wedding earrings are best matched when they are identical to the necklace and any bridal bracelets you may wear.

bridal earrings 1Try and buy earrings that you can use again for almost any occasion.  You will be reminded of your wedding day every time you wear them instead of them being stuck away in a drawer never to be worn again.

Wear earrings that you are comfortable with as it would be a waste of money in buying dangly or hooped ones if you are not used to wearing them.

Remember your hairstyle.  Wearing your hair up or down can be a big deciding factor on which earrings to wear.  Tiny drop earrings will be clearly visible if long hair is styled up but can get lost if hair is cascading down.

Unadorned earrings are best worn if your headdress and/or necklace are highly elaborated whereas you can go for ornate earrings if you are not wearing any headdress and a simple necklace.

Bridal Earring Styles that Match Face Shape

bridal earrings 3Heart shaped faces suit earring styles that are wider at the bottom than the top. This gives an illusion of width to the jaw line.

  • Rectangular/Oblong faces need earrings to add width and camouflage the length of the face.  Round or hoop earrings are great for this but avoid styles that are long and dangly.
  • Round faces should steer clear of button and hoop style earrings.  Oblongs, squares and rectangles as well as danglers and angular designs will work well and help add length to the face.
  • Oval faces are lucky to be able to wear any style of earring.  Most shapes will look good on an oval face. Triangular shape can be the most flattering as are dangling earrings, but remember not too long.

It is not just the shape of your face that will determine if your earrings will blend in well but colour should also be considered when choosing.  Your skin tone, hair and eye colouring should all be enhanced more by your earrings, not to mention your wedding outfit.

Bridal Earrings - Tit Bits

  • A short hair style generally does not work well with over-large earrings.
  • An elfin face will be overpowered by large earrings.
  • Stud earrings suit most face shapes.
  • Jewellery is a very personal affair and above all you need to feel comfortable.
  • Wear your chosen earrings around the house a few times before your wedding.

You will be the centre of attention for the day and every detail of your outfit will be seen, talked about and photographed by your guests, and although to some a pair of earrings may just be a case of pushing a piece of wire through a hole in your ear, to so many others it’s the final touch to your character, your outfit and your oh so special day.

According to tradition the groom on the day of the wedding is supposed to give his bride-to-be a pair of diamond earrings.