Brides Wedding Accessories - Glasses & Contact Lenses

glassesYour glasses are a major part of you and deciding if you will wear them on your wedding day, leave them off or opt for contact lenses is going to be down your own personal preference.

The deciding factor is obviously making sure you are able to see and take in all the wonderful sights of your special day without spending the whole time with squinting eyes.

Glasses are one of those necessities that are very much part of your everyday attire and so much part of your face that you may appear somewhat ‘weird’ when you don’t wear them.

Remember that your loved ones are used to seeing you with glasses on and if people ‘know’ you with glasses then why would you want to look like ‘somebody else’ on your wedding day?

Ideas on Wearing Glasses on Your Wedding Day

If you have resigned yourself to the fact that you are wearing your glasses then below are a few ideas that may help in ‘jazzing’ up your every day look.

Splurge out and buy those fabulous glasses you have always wanted but could never justify spending the money on.  Let’s face it, a girl’s wedding day is the one day in your life you can justify buying just about anything!

If you are buying new glasses for your wedding take a picture of your dress to the opticians with you and coloured swatches of your dress.

For those more daring, go for coloured glass or choose frames that coordinate with your wedding colours.

Let your make-up artist know you will be wearing your glasses on the day and if you are long or short sighted because your eye shadow may be affected by your eyeglass lenses.

Ensure your eyebrows have been fabulously plucked, shaped and finished. 

Wear false eyelashes for that added ‘wow’ open eyed look.

If your glasses do not have a non-reflective coating a lot of your photographs could end up with glares from the many flashing cameras’.  A good professional photographer will be aware of this and rectify the problem but wedding guests may not realise.

Wear your glasses when experimenting on choosing your wedding hairstyle.

Have an extra pair for emergencies or just for a different look in the evening.

Wearing Contact Lenses on Your Wedding Day

If you are totally against wearing your glasses but still need help to focus then wearing contact lenses could be the option for you.

If you have never worn contact lenses before, the first thing is to have a consultation with fittings a good few weeks if not months before your wedding.  By doing this it will give you a chance to get used to wearing them and check for any reactions you may have.

Contact lenses are made from a flexible and soft material and float on the layer of natural tears that cover the surface of the eye and are now available to suit most prescriptions.

Recommended time for wearing contact lenses is no more than 10 to 12 hours continuously for up to five days in a week.  Extended wear lenses can be worn either awake or sleeping for up to one week but it is advisable you go without for a couple of days a week to ensure your eyes receive more than enough oxygen to stay healthy.

Varying types of lenses will have different time recommendations.  Always follow the wearing schedule suggested by your Optician.

You can completely change the colour of your eyes with coloured lenses or simply enhance your natural colour.

Practise wearing your contact lenses as much as possible so on your big day it will seem part of your normal make-up routine.

As with glasses it would be a good idea to have a spare clean pair as well as cleaning solution on the day.

Glasses or contact lenses do not have to be a cross you bear and don’t be afraid to put comfort before vanity – the most important thing is having good and clear vision!

When asked what describes people who wear glasses in a recent poll sponsored by Pentax Vision Europe the outcome was that in attractiveness they found eighty-five per cent of people about the same.