Bridal Accessories - For the Hair

bridal earrings 2When it comes to today’s modern bride she is looking for something that is a little bit more special and unique yet still fits in with her personality and how she likes to look.

Tiara’s while still the popular choice for a lot of brides-to-be are still not for everybody, yet certain hairstyles need and cry out for something to not only hold it all together but also to give that added sparkle.

This is where the vast choices of hair accessories come into their own when they can be used to dress up a hair style by adding decadence and subtle sparkle and help give any bride the confidence of knowing her wonderful hairstyle will stay firmly in place.

Selection of Hair Accessories

Depending on which style you have chosen to wear your hair on your wedding day will determine which type of hair accessories you can use.  A few suggestions are as follows:

Hair Pins are one of the most popular accessories as they can be used in a multitude of ways either on their own dotted around or used with other adornments.  Different designs such as crystals, butterflies, silk rosebuds, dragonflies and flowers are just a few of the beautiful and ornate pins available for brides.  They can be used to create a truly dramatic or whimsy hairstyle when placed strategically.

Head Bands either plain or decorated with gems, pearls and crystals are fast becoming a firm favourite for brides wearing long and straight hair or those short haired brides with a limited choice of pins and clips.  A simple hairstyle can be turned into an elegant and classy one with the use of a beautifully adored head band.

tiaraFlowers play an important part in any bride’s day and wearing them in her hair gives that fresh look.  While flowers can be worn at any time of the year a beach, outdoor or tropical wedding can be well suited to wearing the local and seasonal flowers.  They can be worn in a ring or dotted around the hair. A single one works just as well as a dozen flowers!

Hair Combs are possibly one of the most versatile of wedding hair accessories and one worn on the side of the head can become a stunning headpiece for any bride.  Hair combs can come in all sizes and even a simple tiny one can be worn in just about any hairstyle.   Elaborate and ornate ones are no longer just used for functional purposes and depending on the width of the hair comb you may only require one or two to add that wow factor look to your bridal hairstyle.

Hair Slides and Barrettes while keeping hair in place can give that ultra glamorous look.  Simple clips that are decorated with stones and pearls, feathers or tiny satin rosebuds as well as mother of pearl and crystals can be added to any hairstyle, long or short.

Ribbon and Lace. Interweave ribbons and/or lace into the hair or tie small bunches of hair and wrap with lace that matches your dress.  Tiny bows can be glued onto hair clips for those with short hair.

hair tiaraTiaras can’t be forgotten when talking about hair accessories because they are still hugely popular among brides wanting to gain that ‘princess for a day’ look. Contemporary tiaras are now more simple in design and crown type tiaras are less popular due to them not being as secure as the demilunes (half moon). Tiaras are a personal choice in size and width for each bride and are no longer just made from gems or crystals with embellishments of shells, stars and flowers  to name a few.

Fascinators are so versatile and can be worn and matched well with a wedding dress, a smart classy suit or a sarong.  Delightful sprigs of soft and wispy feathers mounted on a large comb can be worn on the side or back of the head to give a romantic and elegant look to any bride.  Fascinators can come in all colours of the rainbow and Swarovski crystals on wires intertwined throughout the feathers will add that touch of sparkle.

Your choice of hair accessories should be matched and suited to the style of your wedding dress, jewellery, flowers and/or any colour themes.  Seasons can also be taken into consideration when choosing your hair accessories and of course your hairstyle.
For that added flair and security you want with your bridal hairstyle it is best to shop around until you are totally happy with what you finally decide on.

Once you have chosen your hair accessories take them to the hairdresser when having your trials and practice wearing them at home.

Caring for Hair Accessories

Keep your hair accessories in boxes to avoid dust gathering on them.  Any fabric or feathers will fade and may get damaged if left in direct sunlight. 

When using your hair accessories avoid spraying hairstray or perfume on them as this could discolour material and dull the shine of crystals, pearls or gems.

For those imaginative and crafty bride’s making your own hair accessories could be a fun and satisfying thrill that you have made something special and unique for your own wedding day, as well as saving a few pennies.  There are limitless possibilities that you can achieve designing your own hair accessories.