Bridal Stockings and Bridal Suspenders

suspenders 1Stockings have been around for over 400 years when Reverent William Lee invented the knitting machine in 1589 and wool, cotton and silk were used to make what was once called ‘hose’ and worn mostly be men.

It was with the introduction of nylon in the 1930’s that an affordable alternative to silk stockings became available which caused a revolution in the stocking market and it became socially acceptable for women to show their legs.

On the first day that stockings were first placed in shops in 1940 a New York store sold over 780,000 pairs of nylons and over 64 million pairs were sold in the US alone.

During the 60’s and with the advent of the mini skirt women took to wearing tights and the stocking and suspender look took a back seat to the disappointment of many men.

Modern Stockings and Suspenders

bridal stockingsToday’s modern women can find stockings that are patterned, ribbed, seamed or netted with every colour and pattern imaginable with matching suspenders made from lace, satin and cotton adorned with ribbons, bows, diamantes, pearls and beads.

Whatever the style of dress you are wearing on your wedding day it will not be complete without the right hosiery and for many styles the wearing of a suspended Basque or a suspender belt may be required in helping to obtain the perfect look.

With the vast array of bridal ranges in stockings and suspenders you can be sure to find what suits your style of dress while at the same time giving you plenty of all day comfort.

Traditionally the bride wears either white or ivory hosiery but with today’s modern women the options for wedding dresses have grown so much that any colour of her choosing is acceptable and at times considered quite unique to match her personality.

Types of Bridal Stockings

Ultra sheer nude stockings can be worn to give a tanned and smooth look and if you are lucky to already have unflawed legs you can add that extra touch of class when wearing these style of stockings.

Opaque is heavier and much warmer and ideal for winter weddings.

It’s the sheer stockings that are generally considered the most sexiest and elegant and can help in giving the appearance of slimmer legs.

fishnets seamed hold ups

Fishnets can be comfortable in all seasons depending on different net widths.  They can look as tame or wild as you want and glitter material can be found woven into them. 

Seamed stockings are for the very daring and it is vital you get the seam straight when you first put them on.

Hold-up stockings have the added bonus that you do not need to wear a suspender belt.

knee highs

sandle toe


Knee Highs can be ideal if you are wearing a large ball gown styled dress.

Stockings with a sandal toe are a must for strappy shoes. 


Bridal Suspender Belts

suspenders 2Unless you are wearing hold-up stockings or a Basque complete with straps you are going to need a suspender belt to hold up your stockings on your wedding day.

Suspender belts date from the 1880’s but became unpopular in 1906 and withdrawn from the market.  Hook-side fastenings and elastic side panels with bones at the front proved uncomfortable.

Reintroduction in the 1920’s was a great success but it was during the 1950’s and 60’s when the belts were made in lace and silks with tiny bows added that teenagers who did not need support such as girdles brought the suspender belt into the ‘sexy’ era.

The straps from the suspender belt attach to the stocking by clasps and the more straps then the smoother the stocking will look. 

Clasps can be made from metal or plastic and the older generation will let you know of a variety of objects that were once used to replace a broken clasp, a couple of such ‘quick-fixes’ was to use an aspirin or a sixpenny bit.

Belts can be worn on the waist or more commonly rest on the hips and with good strap adjustment your belt can be so comfortable that you may even forget you are wearing one.

When wearing stockings a good rule of thumb is that when standing there should be a very slight pull on the stockings and the back straps should be longer than the front ones which enable more movement when sitting down.

Bridal Stockings and Bridal Suspenders - Tit Bits

If you are not used to wearing stockings and suspenders it’s always best to have a good few go’s while wearing them around the house.  Walk around with your high heeled shoes on and practice sitting, standing, walking up stairs and dancing while wearing them.

Always put your panties on last otherwise you are going to find it a huge struggle to undo all the straps of your suspender belt when you have to visit the bathroom.

Have your maid of honour carry a spare matching pair of stockings or in your own handbag if you are carrying one.

Your suspender belt can become your ‘something blue’.

Putting on your Stockings

suspenders 3A quick guide to putting your stockings on.

  • Double check you have no jagged finger nails or toe nails. 
  • Take off rings if they are not smooth.
  • Be careful of rough hands that may snag the stockings.
  • Roll the stocking down into an O shape.
  • Place thumbs inside and start unrolling stocking over the foot and up the leg.
  • Pointed toes with foot arched forward will help.
  • Attach with the back straps first as this will help in keeping the stocking straight.
  • Placing your leg on a chair or stair will help while strapping the stockings.
  • If wearing seamed stockings place the back strap in line with the seam.
  • Once both stockings are on give the suspender belt a final pull up until it’s at a comfortable level.

Stockings and suspender belts have always epitomised glamour and femininity and a lot of women would be fibbing if they said that did not instantly feel more sexual and powerful when wearing them.

Knowing that a woman is wearing stockings is to a lot of men top of the list in erotic fantasy... but first and foremost is your comfort and confidence in wearing stockings and suspenders, afterall this is one the most important days of your life.