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How the Groom Can Wear Clothes to Make Him Look Slim

groomEven the groom-to-be wants to look great on his wedding day and of course if he can look slimmer then no doubt he would jump at the opportunity.  The following article will hopefully give a few pieces of advice and tips on how the groom can achieve this.

Of course the most obvious answer would be to lose weight before the big day but sometimes that is just not possible.  The idea of looking slimmer will appeal to everyone and there are plenty of 'tricks' to help someone do this, whether it involves a single piece of clothing that is fitted to give the impression of slimness or even co-ordinating your colours can accomplish a similar look.

Some of those single pieces could include:

  • beltBelt: wearing a belt will often show off your waist and as long as your trousers fit correct then it should make you seem slimmer, but don't tighten it too much as your tummy will hang over.
  • Cummerbund: This is in essence a wide sash that is worn around the waist but this can sometimes make you look rounder rather than thinner.  It is always worth trying one on though as it will do different things for varying body shapes. 
  • Ethnic Grooms: For ethnic clothing, the grooms can experiment with a variety of colours and once chosen you can accessorise but always remember not to over do it, unless of course your outfit is plain.  You must consider the shape of your body when choosing the outfit for your wedding and if you are on the heavy side then a well tailored outfit which hangs loosely will give your body shape and also divert attention for certain areas.  A duppatas can also flatter your body.
  • Jackets: go for a jacket with three buttons rather than one or two.  Choosing a three buttoned jacket will make your body look longer and taller giving the impression therefore that you are slimmer.   If the jacket covers your bottom this could also work and keeping your jacket buttoned up will make you appear slimmer straight away.
  • Shirts: having your shirt the same colour as your trousers will definitely achieve a slim look but remember to keep the sleeves long length.
  • Shoes: a bit of a cheat but this will make you look a bit taller if you choose a pair with a slight heel or even an insert in your shoe.
  • Singlet: An undershirt that is designed to hug your body and improve your posture.   This item of underwear is ideal to wear under a suit as it claims to make a man look slim in all the right places.  It also keeps your body at a controllable temperature as well as allowing it to breathe through the body hugging material.  On top of its many positive attributes, the undershirt could even help someone with reducing any back pain they might have.
  • V-Neck Shirts: a great idea to slim down the neckline and take away the emphasis from any double chins you might have.  It draws the eyes to the chest instead of the neck.

Points to Remember

Before you start picking your outfit, you should look at your body shape and decide which features are your best and which are your worst.   What part of you do you want to cover up and what part are you happy to show off?  Below are some handy points to think about when making your decision:

  • wedding shoesAvoid gaudy or bold pattens at all cost, particularly on your suit.  Wearing these types of colours and patterns will most definitely draw attention to all the areas you don't want to show off.
  • Black is always a slimming colour but obviously not all grooms want to wear black on their special day.
  • Do not pick a suit or jacket made from bulky material as this will just fill you out even more.
  • Ensure that anything that is fitted for your body is not too tight as it will definitely show off all those bumps that you are trying to hide.
  • For those grooms with thicker necks, the higher collar style is a good suggestion but not turtle-necks as these will have the exact opposite effect and make your neck look shorter and stocky.
  • Grooms that are top heavy should pick a shorter length jacket.
  • If you feel that your legs are the heaviest problem, perhaps try a different colour jacket of a nice bold colour to draw the emphasis away from your legs.
  • If you like stripes, ensure that they are vertical rather than horizontal.
  • Keep the suits as fitted as possible, a shop bought suit that is just your 'size' may be too baggy or shapeless and could even make you look bigger.
  • Keep your trousers straight or tapered.
  • Keeping your pockets as empty as possible is always a good trick as there will be no unsightly bulges.
  • Perhaps a little out of date but sometimes, shoulder pads can really help make someone look broad and slim in all the right areas.  In the 1980's the shoulder pads were sometimes huge but nowadays you can find clothing with just the right shoulder pads that will give a good definition to the shoulders.
  • Standing up straight is always a great technique of enhancing your look and posture.
  • To make your legs look slimmer, try wearing trousers with a longer hem length.
  • Try to keep your suit all one colour, this will ensure that you have a lean and long look.
  • Try wearing trousers that rest on your hips rather than coming up to your waist but ensure that your tummy does not hang over or hang out.
  • When buying a jacket, make sure that the ends of the shoulders do not hang over your shoulders as this again will make you look bigger.

When looking in the mirror, be honest about how you view your reflection and take your time on choosing the right outfit for you.

Give yourself plenty of time to try on the different styles and don't rush into making a rash decision about an outfit that might make you look chunkier than you really are.  Take along a good friend (or even your mother) who should give you trustworthy and sincere advice about what suits you best!