Grooms Accessories

So you've got the suit and shoes now you just need a little something for the finishing touches. If you are wearing a morning suite you will almost certainly want to wear a waistcoat and with that a cravat. If you are wearing a standard suit then the waistcoat is optional and you will want to be wearing a tie, rather than cravat.

Whatever you are wearing for public view, you may want so new underwear to surprise you wife on your wedding night...

Learn how to tie a tie of cravat

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Grooms Waistcoat

waist-coatIf your going to wear a morning suit then it is fitting that you wear a gray or contrasting waistcoat. This will add to the formality and grandeur of the occasion.

If your wedding attire is contemporary, but you are still wearing a smart suit, you could still complement the outfit with an individually, well chosen, waistcoat.

The range of designs is huge, from a simple plain look, to a wacky and colourful design. Use a waist coat to express your personality - but be wary that it does not clash with the rest of your outfit, or more importantly, with your brides outfit!

Grooms Cufflinks

Whether you hire or buy your shirt most good quality shirts will require you to wear cufflinks. Check for two sets of holes in the cuffs and no buttons!

Grooms Cravat or tie


Cravats are the more traditional attire worn with a morning suit, particularly if you are wearing a wing collar shirt. The wearing of the cravat also gives helps the groom to look his best along with his bride.

Ties are versatile in that they are smart enough to be worn for both a formal and informal wedding, provided the groom wears a plain collared shirt. Most grooms may never have worn a cravat before and so choose the tie as they feel more comfort wearing it.


Your Wedding Accessories

Let us know what your wedding accessories are like, so that we can place details here and maybe give inspiration to others!