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Grooms Dress Shirt

dress shirtThe basis of a groom's presentation can be the selection of a dress shirt and the right or wrong choice can determine the formal or casual look of your outfit.

Your chosen dress shirt can also be a way to infuse coordinating colours or a theme of your wedding and give you those polished results you are aiming for on your important day.

Even for a beach style or casual wedding your shirt should still have that quality and dressy appearance and by following the basic rules you will have no difficulty in achieving the overall and appropriate effect all groom's aim for.

Choosing the Correct Grooms Dress Shirt

Your style of dress shirt will first be decided on what type of wedding you are having. Consider if your shirt needs to be fancy or formal or a more casual look between the two. Once you have determined which style you need to go for you will narrow down choices and make it easier when looking.

Colour needs to be decided on next. It may be a plain white shirt to wear with a tuxedo or you can choose a dress shirt that matches up with a colour from the bride's bouquet or the bridesmaids' dresses. If you are not wearing a jacket your dress shirt needs to blend in well with your trousers.

Fabric needs to be given a good deal of thought as the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable and hot all day if you are getting married during the summer months , on the beach or somewhere tropical it will be important to allow for this when choosing your material.

You need to think carefully regarding how the dress shirt is to fit you. A casual look of an over- the-pants style shirt will give you that roomier feel and look. If wearing it under a jacket or waistcoat, and possibly a tuxedo then a good fitted shirt that will stay put is what you should get.

Linen and silk dress shirts can be used for the more formal wedding and can be worn with a high grade suit or a tuxedo. Polyester and cotton work very well for the more casual wedding and will keep you comfortable during those outdoor occasions when jackets are not being worn.

Styles of Dress Shirt Collars

Collars of dress shirts can come in several different styles and will depend on which type of neckwear, if any, you are using.

wing collar standard collar crosswick collar

Wing collar is the most formal choice and often worn with a tuxedo jacket. This traditional stand up collar looks great with a standard necktie or bow tie with the wings tucked behind. A stand up collar with downward points that is always in style.

Standard straight collar is the most common type where the edges point downward and little space is between the sections of where the collar meets.

Crosswick is a modern formal style with a crossover configuration and is best worn with a button cover.

mandarin collar spread collar  

Mandarin collar is the most contemporary style shirt for tuxedo's that stands up around the neck and this style of collar on a shirt can be worn without a tie.

Spread collar features a wide division between points in front and resembles a standard button front shirt. A standard necktie tied in a Windsor knot looks good with this style of collar. A spread collar gives the more modern and youthful appearance. It has a wider spread and an ideal choice for grooms with slim builds.

Grooms Dress Shirt - Quick Tips

Some quick pointers for choosing, wearing and looking after your dress shirt.

  • Choose a durable shirt that, unlike the bride's dress, can be worn again which in any man's eyes is a good thing to get a far better use out of any clothes.
  • If you are getting married abroad buy a winkle resistant shirt to cope with it being carried in your luggage and on the off chance you may not have access to an iron.
  • Don't forget to look at the label when buying your dress shirt as the more dressy shirts and finer fabrics are dry clean only and you may need to allow for shrinkage.
  • Dress shirts are available in a multitude of colours, either one complete colour, striped, checked or patterned or patterned with a white collar.
  • Dress shirts are more tailored than regular shirts.
  • When choosing your shirt remember this will be the most important shirt you will ever buy. Don't just pick up a shirt that looks your size and don't just take a chance by not trying it on. Sleeve lengths and neck sizes can differ between companies.
  • Wear your shirt for an hour or two around the house with the top button done up and a tie if you are wearing one. Test how well the collar fits around your neck and also if the material causes a rash.
  • Dress shirt cuffs can have buttons or be worn with cufflinks. This may be a chance to wear those classy cufflinks or a pair that matches your personality, profession or something memorable that relates to you both. (Tip, tell your bride if your dress shirt requires cufflinks which will then give her a chance to buy you cufflinks for your wedding gift from her)
  • Buttons can range from plain white to mother of pearl and can add a gentle shimmer to your dress shirt for an added elegance.

Whatever style, colour or fit of your dress shirt the main outcome should be what you are most comfortable wearing while complimenting the rest of the wedding party.