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The Grooms Outfit


Wedding preparation shouldn't just be left up to the bride, the groom should not only take an active role in the wedding preparations but he should also make sure that he looks every bit the part on his big day.

With this in mind we have prepared these articles for all you budding grooms to ensure that you can turn heads on your wedding day, but without over shadowing your lovely bride.

It's not just a case of turning up with a new haircut and a shave.. pay attention and score extra brownie points :)

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Groom - Shirt, Suit & Tie Coordination - Every Bride wants her Groom to find just the right outfit that will compliment the wedding and of course every Groom wants to look 'dapper' for his Bride-to-be so choosing the perfect look is something that takes a lot of consideration.  

Groom Formal Wear - The bridal gown is always a hot topic of discussion surrounding a wedding regarding its colour, length, style, accessories etc but what about the groom?

Grooms Dress Shirt - The basis of a groom's presentation can be the selection of a dress shirt and the right or wrong choice can determine the formal or casual look of your outfit.

Groom Formal Wear Measurements - The groom is just as an important figure in a wedding as the bride-to-be, well maybe not in the bride's eyes but still, he is and therefore he needs to feel just as comfortable and look just as fabulous as the bride will.

How the Groom Can Wear Clothes to Make Him Look Slim - Even the groom-to-be wants to look great on his wedding day and of course if he can look slimmer then no doubt he would jump at the opportunity.

Grooms Morning Suit - The bride will look stunning on the day so it is important that the groom look his best. The groom should choose an outfit that compliments what the bride will be wearing and one that he is comfortable wearing.

Grooms Wedding Outfit For the Beach - It's not rocket science to work out that tuxedo's and morning suits are certainly not the ideal groom attire when getting married on a beach and consideration needs to be taken when choosing what your groom will wear on the day.

Grooms Outfit - The Scottish Kilt - The kilt makes us think of Scotland, haggis, caber tossing, bonny Prince Charlie and wanting to know if the wearer really does brave the cold!