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Wedding preparation shouldn't just be left up to the bride, the groom should not only take an active role in the wedding preparations but he should also make sure that he looks every bit the part on his big day.

With this in mind we have prepared these articles for all you budding grooms to ensure that you can turn heads on your wedding day, but without over shadowing your lovely bride.

It's not just a case of turning up with a new haircut and a shave.. pay attention and score extra brownie points :)

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Grooms Accessories - so you've got the suit and shoes now you just need a little something for the finishing touches. If you are wearing a morning suite you will almost certainly want to wear a waistcoat and with that a cravat.

Belt - the Grooms belt may seem a rather insignificant accessory for his wedding attire, but choose the wrong one and it could seriously compromise an otherwise fantastic wedding outfit.

Ties and Cravat - whether it's the cravat, or the necktie, you choose it is important to be able to tie the knot. If you would like to know more about tying your cravat or tie, including our illustrated step-by-step instructions read this article.

Grooms Cufflinks - buying a pair of cufflinks is not quite as easy as it sounds.  There are three different types that can each give alternative looks.

Grooms Waistcoat - when the time comes to choose your waistcoat you will have many things to consider, here are the things to bear in mind

Grooms Speech - so you won't be lost for words and will delivery your speech with nerves of steel. Perparation and practice are two of the key steps to sucess

Health Tips - I hope I'm not generalising too much when I say men fall into one of two categories. There are those who read Men's Fitness, go to the gym and workout and spend a lot of time on their appearance, and there are those who would to be content with a spray of the classic 'Old Spice', throw on a clean shirt and go to the pub.

Morning Suit - the bride will look stunning on the day so it is important that the groom look his best. The groom should choose an outfit that compliments what the bride will be wearing and one that he is comfortable wearing.

Stag Party - traditionally the best man would arrange the stag party and the groom would just have to trust the best man that they would allow them to make it back home with at least some shred of dignity. In recent times both the bride and groom have become more independent, many have taken control of their own parties or even better entrusted entertainment organisations to arrange them.

Wedding Ring - there are many options, not just in design but in the actual fit of the ring. If you don't normally wear rings you need to think carefully about which style you go for - pick the wrong one and it could end up irritating your for evermore!

Wedding Shoes - with a formal suit well-polished black shoes should be worn. They should look smart with no scuffs or marks. You don't want your shoes to stand out, just compliment your outfit.