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Groom Morning Suit and Male Party Members Attire

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The bride will look stunning on the day so it is important that the groom look his best. The groom should choose an outfit that compliments what the bride will be wearing and one that he is comfortable wearing.

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Choosing the Grooms Wedding Suit

  • Remember its important that you look your best as the bride will have done everything in her power to have done so.
  • Whatever you choose to wear you need to be comfortable.
  • Go to several shops and try on the outfits.
  • If your hiring an outfit check that it is available in stock.
  • Before you hire the outfit make sure you read carefully the terms and conditions of the hire agreement before you sign on the dotted line and take out an outfit.
  • If the shop offers accidental damage cover on all wedding attire then take it, otherwise you will only regret it if anything should happen to the outfit on the day.

Traditional attire

Grooms traditionally have two main options the morning suit or the lounge suit.

The Morning Suit

A three-piece suit including a black tailcoat, with a grey or contrasting waistcoat and pinstriped trousers. The suit is worn with a white wing collar shirt and cravat, but for those of you who might want something a little more modest you can always opt for a plain white shirt and tie.

A top hat and gloves complete the outfit, but these can be optional as the top hat is carried throughout most of the day and is only worn for photographs, and the gloves are also carried rather than worn. This outfit tends to be worn for more formal weddings.

The Lounge Suit

This three-piece suit allows the groom more freedom to contrast with the brides dress through their chosen waistcoat. Lounge suits are worn for more informal weddings.

Nice touch

Grooms might want to wear a waistcoat matching the fabric of the brides wedding dress. The look can best be achieved wearing a lounge suit.

Other male party members

Traditionally all male party members would dress alike but with forever changing trends only close members of the grooms family, the best man and the ushers now seem to wear matching suits.


You are always going to work to a budget, it could be big, it could be small, but you will have a budget.

Big budget.

If money is not an object then why buy yourself the morning or lounge suit.

Limited budget

Alternatively, the more popular option is to hire your outfit. Many high street shops and department stores offer a menswear hire service. Look out for special offers available such is hire four outfits and the groom gets his outfit free.

Your Wedding Suit

Let us know what your suit is like, so that we can place details here and maybe give inspiration to others!

"As we are working to a budget we kept out eyes peeled on ebay for a Ted baker suit that adam liked- we found it and bid and won it for just over £70- it turned up and it doesnt even look worn, it is a chocolate brown colour." Melissa Taylor