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Grooms Wedding Outfit - For the Beach

man beige suitIt's not rocket science to work out that tuxedo's and morning suits are certainly not the ideal groom attire when getting married on a beach and consideration needs to be taken when choosing what your groom will wear on the day.

There is no reason that the wedding event can be any  less informal just because he is not dressed up to the nine's looking like James Bond on an evening out at the Casino.

Beach wedding clothes can look smart, sophisticated and casual if chosen well and can be done in a way to compliment the bride's outfit, flowers, reception venue/theme or members of the wedding party.

Different Styles of Grooms Beach Wedding Outfit

The groom's beach outfit really depends if the wedding is to be held on or near a beach and at what time the ceremony is to be held.

A blazer with cream trousers and a crisp white shirt could be worn if the wedding is outside but not right on the beach.  An understated tie will add that timeless and elegant look while at the same time being not too formal.  The jacket can then be discarded after the ceremony and photographs have been taken.

If the ceremony is right on the beach an outfit of trousers and shirt with flip flops or sandals will be more comfortable while at the same time keeping that casual and smart appearance.  Trousers can range from white to cream to khaki to beige.  A touch of colour to compliment the bride can be added in the way of the belt or flip flops.

Silk Shirt

beach weddingA silk shirt with cropped trousers can also be worn on the beach with an exotic flower that matches the bride's bouquet added to a bright white shirt to add that bit of colour.  (If the weather is too hot/clammy and the groom is prone to getting hot a silk shirt will pick up moisture and stick so is best avoided)

A linen suit can be worn on or off the beach.  Colours such as wheat or sand are popular and more practical in the heat.  Not only will this type of suit be ideal for keeping your groom cool it is also easy to transport.

For that really casual beach look there is shorts and t-shirt and again if chosen well the groom can still look smart and casual.  Khaki shorts with solid coloured shirts will not look out of place at your beach wedding/reception.

Grooms Beach Wedding - Top Tips

A few things to bear in mind when planing your beach wedding.

  • Always wear a sunscreen. You don't want your photographs or your honeymoon ruined because you end up looking like a lobster or worse still suffer from sunstroke.
  • When applying your sun screen try and put it on at least half an hour before your outfit otherwise you may end up getting grease marks.
  • Remember to drink plenty of water before the ceremony but not too much that you have to excuse yourself half way through.
  • Bug spray can be a big help in helping keep those pesky uninvited guests away.
  • Check how hot the sand is going to be or you could find yourself with burnt feet and it may be best to wear sandals or flip flops and not go barefooted.  (Unless you know the sand will accommodate your feet and feel comfortable).

For your romantic beach wedding whether it's with a backdrop of dazzling sunset colours or glinting dawning rays you will have that exhilarating feeling of freedom with the water stretched out before you, tropical flowers, sunshine, white sands and your loved one stood beside you. 

Both of you standing there holding hands looking into each others' eyes with gleaming happy smiles, stunning and above all comfortable in your outfits.