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Wedding Accessories for the Groom – The Wedding Belt

The Grooms belt may seem a rather insignificant accessory for his wedding attire, but choose the wrong one and it could seriously compromise an otherwise fantastic wedding outfit.

A Brief History of the Belt

belt 1It is believed that belts were first worn by both men and women as far back as the Bronze Age. However its usage never really flourished as a fashion accessory until the Middle Ages where women held their dresses with belts tied around their waists.

The belt still had some way to go before it was given a place in the fashion wardrobes, although it has always remained an important feature in the uniform of the military. During the time of the First World War it was common place to see officers wearing thick wide belts worn tightly around the waist on the outside of the uniform, with the aim being to emphasize the broadness of the shoulders.

By the 1920's the belt took its rightful place in the fashion wardrobe, due to the introduction of the belt loop to civilian mens trousers.

How to Wear your Wedding Belt with Style

Five simple tips to ensure that the belt you choose is going to be up for the job.

  • Where a belt which matches your shoes.
  • Make sure you invest in a good quality leather belt.
  • Make sure you wear the correct size belt for your waist.
  • Choose a plain black belt that is approximately an inch and a quarter thick with discreet stitching and without any special motif. The aim here is the belt is there as an accessory not to dominate your wedding outfit.
  • If you are going to where jewellery such as a dress watch, try and coordinate the colour of the watch strap with your belt buckle ie. A silver watch strap works well with a plain classic silver belt buckle. Try and steer clear of gold belt buckles unless you want to create an impression of 'bling'.

beltCaring for your Belt

To help prolong the life of your belt

  • On purchasing your leather belt spray it with a water and stain repellent.
  • Store your belt in a wardrobe by allowing it to hang from its buckle, either on a belt or tie rack.
  • Never fold your belt or leave it hanging in your trousers as this will cause the leather to crack and deform the belt.
  • Avoid hanging your belt in direct sunlight as this will cause the belt to fade.
  • Store the belt in a ventilated room as too much moisture and heat can cause the deterioration of the belt.