Chocolate Fountain

chcoclate fountain

With chocolate being a girls best friend second only to diamonds its no wonder that sales in Chocolate Fountains have reached record heights.

There are more and more Chocolate Fountain providers appearing, which is not surprising considering they are fast becoming one of the most talked about items to have at your wedding! And here is why;

The Chocolate Fountain provides an irresistible aroma and beautiful display of cascading luxury Belgian chocolate to tantalise all who see it. Your guests can dip a variety of fondue foods into the fountain including marshmallows, strawberries, exotic fruits and profiteroles or whatever food you choose...

Chocolate Fountain Functions

  • It can be used as a centrepiece for your wedding instead of a classic wedding cake as it has enough sumptuousness and elegance to be able to stand on its own merits.
  • It can stand alongside your wedding cake and be offered to guests as an alternative to a classic fruit and sponge wedding cake.
  • You can encourage your guests to indulge themselves a little and offer them both the wedding cake and the Chocolate Fountain, after all it is a wedding!
  • Chocolate Fountains will also break the ice between guests, helping them to relax and mingle with each other.

Chocolate Fountain Hire

There are a growing number of companies whom you can buy and hire a Chocolate Fountain from. If you’re considering having a Chocolate Fountain at your wedding, and only intend to use it once, then it would be more practical to hire the Chocolate Fountain. If you envisage using the Chocolate Fountain for future parties and special events then buy one, as it could be a worth while investment in the long run.

Choosing Chocolate Fountain Hire Company

  • Is the company available to attend your wedding day
  • Ensure they use the very best Belgian chocolate
  • Find out how much fruit and chocolate you will be supplied with. There are some companies whom offer an UNLIMITED supply.
  • Ensure they supply an experienced operator to set up, dismantle and clean the chocolate fountain, so you don’t have too!
  • Should you choose to hire Chocolate Fountains without the aid of an experiences company operator on the day then make sure you take out some form of insurance with the company in case anything go wrong.
  • Ensure any decorative accessories for the Chocolate Fountain are included in the overall price, or you are clearly made aware of the additional costs.
  • Ensure delivery of the Chocolate Fountain is included in the overall cost.
  • If companies offer you a complete rental package ensure you know exactly what is included in the price. This should include items such as skewers, chocolate, dipping foods, table decorations etc
  • If you choose to buy a Chocolate Fountain make sure it has a parts and labour warranty
  • Find out how much deposit you need to pay
  • Ensure all costs include VAT
  • Ensure whatever you agree to it is in writing

We hope you enjoy your chocolate fountain...