Order of the Wedding Day

Four weddings and eight anxious brides and grooms later my brothers and sisters were married. Me being the youngest I’d seen it all, guests and more importantly family members, arriving fashionably late for each other’s weddings.

I had decided long before I had met Mr. Right that I would have to take control and come up with a cunning plan to get everyone to the church on time!

What Dave and Katherine Did

So here is what we did; Dave and I booked everyone into a hotel the night before and close to the wedding venue, we also hired a coach to ensure all the family were at the wedding an hour before the ceremony.

Unfortunately, Dave let down the side delaying the proceedings, as he was still getting dressed in his morning suit, by the time I arrived. I forgave him though, as he looked absolutely gorgeous. [Dave – that is soooo not true!  Katherine was late!]

order-of-dayI’m not saying you need to go to the lengths Dave and I went to but it would help if you give your guests a card with the Order of the Day.

Couples wishing to marry in church will need an Order of Service as well. This tells guests which hymns and readings will be included in the ceremony.

The Order of the Day is more commonly used for civil ceremonies but can also be used for religious ceremonies, it will advise your guests as to the day’s proceedings.

The times of your Order of the Day don’t have to be set in stone, but just having one enables your Wedding Day to flow much more smoothly.