Silk Wedding Flowers

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Silk flowers are also known as artificial or faux flowers. Artificial flowers can be made of lots of materials, silk, rayon >> and cotton are just a few. There are also Foam Roses, made from a silicone material which can be very realistic and are becoming a popular choice.

Silk flowers have undergone a dramatic transformation over the years from having a reputation for looking cheap and lifeless to being indistinguishable from real flowers.

Tell us what your silk wedding flowers were like!

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Silk flowers and nature

As silk flowers are not 'real' they don't give off any perfume which helps to reduce the number of insects that will be taking an interest in your displays. You won't need to water them or worry about them drooping in the heat, they will still look as fresh as daisy (pun intended) long after you and your guests are looking tired and worn out.

If you or any of your guests suffer from hay fever or allergies then silk flowers make an obvious choice, you can get as close as you like, for as long as you want, and you won't see hay fever drugs or a single hankie!


Silk flowers on the day

silk-wedding-flower-bouquetUsing silk flowers can have an impact on your day - not least reducing your stress levels. Real flowers are often prepared on the morning of the wedding, and that is one thing that you could do without worrying about as you are having your hair and make-up done! Your silk flowers would have been completed weeks before and you would already know that you are very happy with how they look.

Have a white dress and real flowers and you can run the risk of staining - use silk flowers and you will have no such fear.

Perhaps you want to have flowers in an area where lots of people will be walking past, real flowers may not like being knocked and buffeted as your guests jostle for position to watch you get married. Silk flowers are hardy and are much more likely to stand up to the odd knock.

A minor point, but one which may be a factor for you, but silk flowers are generally lighter and therefore easier to carry than real flowers.


Silk flowers are very lifelike

If you purchase the highest quality silk flowers they can look very lifelike to all but the closest inspection. The very best artificial flowers are botanically correct even down to slight imperfections on the petals & leaves. Cheaper brands will look less and less real the closer you get and although you can still buy 'Dew Drop Roses' and hard plastic flowers in day-glow colours - you no longer have to!

There is a concern about how silk flowers look in photographers as they can 'bounce' the light in a way that real flowers do not - we suggest you talk to your photographer beforehand.


silk flower 3Taking silk flowers abroad

Taking real flowers on an airplane is not going to be an option, silk flowers can be properly packaged and travel with no problem at all. As long as you store them in a sturdy container, covered with acid free tissue paper and away from direct sunlight and strong smells, they will arrive looking exactly the same as when you left home.

You can avoid extra baggage if you have plenty of guests traveling to the same destination, as they can carry them for you. A good Idea is to place your bouquets in round hat boxes and ask a member of your party to take them as hand luggage.


Out of season silk flowers

You have your heart set on lily of the valley for your bouquet, but they are out of season. You have 3 options, import some (expensive) ones, choose a different flower, or use silk ones. If you decide to use silk ones you can ask your florist to incorporate the silk lily of the valley (or whichever out of season flower) directly into a bouquet of real flowers - you don't have to have all silk. A high quality silk flower, incorporated into real flowers by an experienced florist will look no different to the real thing!


Silk flowers storage

Once your wedding is over you can use your flowers around your home, keep away from strong light and smells and they will need nothing more than a periodical light dusting. Perhaps you want to store them away to use on another special occasion, perhaps your wedding anniversary, simply place into a sturdy container, wrap with acid free tissue paper and keep out of light and away from strong smells - when you take them out they will look unaltered from the day you put them away. A large round hat box is the perfect storage for your Bouquet.


The cost of silk flowers

Like most things the higher the price, the better the quality and silk flowers are no exception. It is always advisable to go and see some displays so that you can gauge for yourself whether they are suitable. If you want a couple of arrangements as background colour and as therefore not so worried about being realistic on close inspection, you may find them cheaper than real flowers. However, once you get to the top end of quality they are almost certainly going to cost more.


silk flower 4Finding the right silk florist

If you are looking for a silk florist we have some advice on what to ask the florists to ensure that you choose the right professional.

  • A good silk florist should have experience in having catered for weddings.
  • Ask for a sample to see how realistic the silk flowers look.
  • They should be able to provide a portfolio featuring a large selection of different styled bouquets and silk flower arrangements.
  • When you ask each florist for a quote make sure they include all the hidden extras such as their transport costs, ribbons, wire, their service and VAT, that way you shouldn't have any surprises.
  • Ask if they are available to make your silk flowers in time for your wedding date.
  • How much deposit will you have to pay to secure their services on the day, and when will you have to pay the final balance.
  • Ask whether they can provide spare buttonholes for people on the day in case your guests lose any.
  • If you are going to carry a bouquet make sure you ask the florist for a stem holder, which transform the wire of the silk flowers into a 'bunch' of real stems.
  • Always choose someone who you feel comfortable working with.
  • If possible ask for references from previous customers.

More information on the history and manufacturing of artificial flowers >>


What were your Silk Wedding Flowers like?

Let us know what your wedding flowers were like so that we can place details here and maybe give inspiration to others!

"I just got my wedding bouquet yesterday and it's so wonderful and different - a dozen royal purple leather roses in a drop shaped bouquet! The bridesmaids each have a single leather rose to keep and they won't ever wilt or die. I got them from the English Leather Rose company." Kitty

"I had a silver & crystal bouquet, as I wanted the whole 'ice queen' look. Plus it was quite different to a traditional bouquet. It sparkled magnificantly, and lookd absolutely beautiful." Sophia Crawford


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