Wedding Toastmaster

Our friends got married the year before we did and had a toastmaster. He gave that extra element of pomp to the occasion, which made the wedding seem even more splendid. He carried out his duties throughout the course of the reception and was unobtrusive to the bridal party, allowing the bride and groom to concentrate on enjoying the day. I took his card and told him we would be in touch very shortly.

The role of a toastmaster on your wedding day?

  • They greet the bride and groom on their arrival to the wedding reception.
  • Direct guests to all the facilities available at the wedding venue.
  • Assist the photographer and the videographer in gathering members of the bridal party.
  • Assemble the bridal party to receive their guests and announce them.
  • When all the guests are seated he will announce the entrance of the bride and groom and escort them to the top table.
  • If required he will announce grace.
  • After the meal he will announce the cutting of the cake.
  • He will announce the speeches ensuring they are conducted in the correct order to avoid embarrassment.

Toastmasters aren’t terribly expensive. So if you can afford to have a toastmaster then I would highly recommend having one, as it takes all the responsibility of the running of the day away from yourselves. Toastmasters are able to apply their skills to any type of wedding occasion.

What do I look for when choosing a toastmaster?

  • Make sure that you have an experienced, properly trained toastmaster who belongs to a reputable toastmaster organisation.
  • Ensure they are available for your wedding date.
  • Agree that the toastmaster will arrive 1 hour before the wedding reception to liase with the catering manager and venue staff to ensure they are all working in unison during the course of the reception.
  • Ensure all fees are agreed including travel cost, with no hidden extras.

Small budget

If your budget doesn’t allow it many catering managers are only to happy to announce the proceedings during the wedding reception, but check if this additional service is free, or how much it will cost.

Alternatively you could ask one of the bridal parties to take charge of the proceedings but preferably not the best man, as he will be anxious enough about making his speech.

Reputable Toastmaster Organisations

Here are some of the professional organisations you could contact about hiring a Toastmaster.