The First Dance - Wedding Dance Lessons

dance lessons

Most couples worry a great deal about what song/music to play for their first dance, not only that they also have grave concerns about performing in front of their friends and family.

Wedding Dance Lessons

For Dave and I the decision to learn to dance was a very easy one, for one Dave has two left feet and when I dance my waving hair tends to assault those who are brave enough to remain on the dance floor.

But I did have my reservations, even though I had been a big fan of 'Come Dancing' as a child I was uncertain if I wanted to go as far as to wear the fake tan, slick back hair and sequin dress. However we booked a taster private dance lesson with our local dance school. We spent sometime talking to our dance teacher about what we wanted. By the end of the lesson we had learnt our first steps to our Rumba dance, which we were to perform at our wedding.

We had a dance lesson once a week for 6 weeks but nearer the wedding day we were having two lessons a week. This however was not necessary but Dave and I were having such fun with our new found hobby that we just wanted everything to be perfect. We even went as far as to have a dress rehearsal performing the dance at our wedding venue in our evening wear the day before our wedding.

Our First Dance

On the actual day of the wedding we performed the dance and all our friends and family were amazed by what they saw, as we had kept the dance lessons a secret until the wedding day. We invited our dance teacher along to the evening reception and after we performed the dance she just cried because she was so happy, that's when I new all the hard work had paid off.

Learning to dance for me and Dave was a wonderful experience; we were able to learn so much about ourselves and each other. I had to trust Dave to support me in achieving some of my ambitious moves and he had to learn to express himself through dance.

When we were learning to dance it was a little expensive, but we decided to make room for it within our budget. But now with the overwhelming popularity of recent programmes such as 'Strictly Come Dancing' and the opening of Salsa bars all over the country, learning to dance has never been easier or cheaper. Not only that there are health benefits linked to dancing as it helps you develop a better posture.

Why should I learn to dance?

Most couples are embarrassed about performing their first dance as a married couple, in front of so many people. Many tend to stand in the middle of the dance floor and rock side to side, or the more adventurous might try moving round awkwardly in a circle clinging to each other for dare life.

If this is something which doesn't appeal to you and you can afford to have dance lessons then perhaps you might like to try. The look on your guest's faces alone will be money well spent.

How do I find the right dance school?

  • Find out if your local school offer a taster lesson for those of you who might be a little unsure.
  • Are they able to teach you a choreographed routine that you can perform as your first dance?
  • Do they offer group and/or private tuition?
  • How long is each of the lessons?
  • How much does each of the lessons cost?
  • How many lessons will you normally require in order to have a routine you can perform for your wedding day?
  • Can you bring along a song/music that you want to learn a dance routine to?
  • Are they able to recommend a song/music that you can learn a dance routine to?

Whether you are having professional dance lessons or not try out the following Top tips and you will be sure to feel every bit like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers on your wedding day.

Top Tips

Practice your routine along to the song/music at home as you'll make greater progress each time you have your next dance lesson

Both of you should practice the routine in the shoes you will be wearing when you perform the dance on the wedding day.

If either of you plan to wear a different outfit for the evening reception try and practice your routine wearing it.