Wedding DJ

I've always had my reservations about DJ's at weddings. They often have a reputation (equally often unfounded..) for playing the cheesiest music in the world, sometimes on request of the bride and groom of course!

My wedding music was very important to me, for this reason I started writing a list of all the music that I wanted played at the wedding. After I had thought up the 20th band/artist I looked at the list and thought 'is there anything on this list my hubby, mother or mother-in-law would like', and no surprise, the answer was no. So, I added some rock ballads and cheesy wedding songs to the list. I also asked guests if they had any particular songs they wanted played, these I added to the list.

The thing to remember about your wedding music is the DJ isn’t just playing for you, but for all the bridal party. So it’s very important to choose songs that appeal to everyone in the room, this will help make sure that the dance floor is never empty.

A good DJ will both listen to what you want played but also be firm about what he *knows* needs to played. If a DJ simply takes your list and plays your songs one after another, you can ruin the atmosphere, on the other hand if he simply ignores your list it will probably ruin your night.

Top Tips for Choosing your Wedding DJ

You want to get this right, pick the wrong DJ for your party and you could spend the evening cringing at the choice of music, the poor sound quality, naff light effects and worst of all, the empty dance floor.

Here are some pointers to help you to make the right choice.

  • Try and see the DJ in action or have a friend recommend one.
  • A DJ who is experienced in doing wedding receptions.
  • Ensure that if the DJ sub contracts out the work to another DJ, you meet the other DJ, and make sure you are happy with them.
  • It is a very good idea to have exclusive rights on the night - you don't want them rushing off early to do another job!
  • A large and varied music section to keep guest dancing.
  • Ensure they use up to date sound systems and lighting effects.
  • Find out the total cost of hiring the DJ including travel cost and (if registered) VAT, ensure there are no hidden extras. Confirm this in writing.

A Good Wedding DJ is Money Well Spent

When budgeting for you’re wedding its important to set aside some money for the entertainment in the evening. Remember the evening is just as important as the daytime, as it’s the time when guests can really start to relax, by creating the right atmosphere this can be achieved all the more readily, and that’s what you pay the DJ for.

Whilst your wedding vows, the car you arrive in and so on are important parts of your day, most of your guests are much more likely to remember the evening party - don't cut corners in this area, a damp squid of a party will be talked about for a longer than most other aspects of your day.