Other Wedding Entertainment

Incorporating some entertainment into your wedding can have many benefits, you can hire a magician to entertain your guests whilst your photos are being taken, or a children's entertainer to keep the kids occupied. You may want to have your wedding go with a bang by having a firework display to end your night. Here are some options for you to consider.

Wedding Fireworks Display

Fireworks are not just restricted to Bonfire Night with more and more couples concluding their wedding celebration with spectacular firework displays. Depending on your budget couples can either choose between a professionally operated or do-it-yourself firework display. Displays last on average between five to ten minutes. If you do choose to have a professional operated firework display be sure to check that the company are members of the British Pyrotechnics Association and offer the following services included in the total cost:

  • Full insurance cover
  • On site visit with risk assessment
  • All fireworks and equipment
  • Transport
  • Firing crew
  • Site Clearance
  • Disposal of spent fireworks

Wedding Sky Lanterns

If you would like something to suit a smaller budget you might like to consider sky lanterns. When launched in multiples they truly look spectacular as they illuminate the night sky.

Many companies, including those which supply fireworks, are also able to offer a range of sky lanterns which can be personalised for your wedding.

Sky lanterns are sold either as DIY kits or you can hire a professional to launch them for you. However, if you choose to launch your sky lanterns you guests will never forget how your wedding day ended in such an array of light!

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Children's Wedding Entertainment

Keeping children entertained is difficult at the best of times but even more so at a wedding. You might want to consider hiring a children's entertainer to occupy the little darlings. Make sure they have experience in working with children and check their references.

Alternative wedding entertainment

Magic has evolved over the years and its not just about taking the rabbit out of the hat anymore as a new wave of magicians have taken close up magic to even greater heights of trickery.

What about hiring caricaturists. Your guests could takeaway an original signed work of art as a wedding favour, a gift your guests are sure to treasure forever.

Or, how about hiring a belly dancer at your wedding to capture the exotic flavour and the vitality and excitement of the Middle East.