Wedding Guest List

guest list

With the average cost of a wedding more than £20,000 its no wonder couples have to think carefully about who they invite to their wedding. Feeding all of your guests is often the most expensive single element of your wedding. Every extra person you add to the list can easily cost you another £30-50 without a moments notice. If you increase your numbers past certain thresholds you then need to consider other things, such as getting a bigger venue.

The list does not have to have 1,648 people on it - but maybe it has and you need to whittle it down to fit your budget. A difficult task indeed.

How to decide who invite to your wedding?

The first thing to remember is that it’s your wedding, you shouldn’t allow friends and family to pressurise you into inviting people to your wedding that you don’t really want, although I appreciate this is often a lot easier said than done.

However, if you stick to the following rules it should help you to invite only the guests that you want at your wedding.

Step One  - Write down a list of names of everybody that you would possibly want to come to the wedding. Don’t rule out anybody when carrying out this exercise.

Step Two  - Go through the guests highlighting those that you definitely would like to invite to your wedding.

Step Three  - Now go down the list and cross off anybody who you haven’t seen for over 6 months - which you could have seen had either of you made an effort. You may find that this reduces the list considerably.

Step Four  - Those which are left are referred to as ‘floaters’. Write down circa £35 (this could be the cost per head charged by your caterer) next to every name which falls under this category, and add up the total cost of these ‘floaters’.

Then ask yourself the question. Is it worth that amount of money to invite ‘floaters’?

If you are strict with yourself, and follow these rules for choosing your guest list, you have a good chance of staying within your wedding budget, and importantly, only invite guests that you really want to your wedding, rather than pay for guests who just make up the numbers, ease your conscious or appease relatives.

Oh, did we mention, it is your wedding :)