Wedding Gift Lists

wedding presentsDave and I never wanted a wedding list but our parents convinced us it was the right thing to do. If you don't have a wedding list people will still buy you presents anyway, and the chances are that you will end up with thirty unwanted toasters. To avoid this it is much better to swallow your pride and make a wedding list available to your guests.

Wedding gift lists for some brides and grooms-to-be can sometimes be a little bit embarrassing due to not knowing how much or little their guests want to or can spend on them and they may feel they are asking too much for some of the items.

Wedding Gift List Growth

It was not long ago that gift lists were really only used for the wealthy and upper class families and some bride's to be have been known to place such items on their wedding gift list that were 'over the top' and out of price range of a lot of people.

During the 90's a trend took off with home-made 'voucher' books complete with cut out pictures from magazine and particular shops catalogues.  These were handed round or posted to guests' months before the wedding and choices were made by taking out the page that held the gift they wished to buy for the future bride and groom.  Items were then purchased, wrapped up and taken along on the day of the wedding and handed over to either the best man or chief bridesmaid.

The introduction of the wedding gift list helped the newlywed's inasmuch it cut down on the doubling up of gifts of 5 toasters, 3 kettles, 16 sets of wine glasses and towels in a variety of colours.

Key Wedding List Things to Look For

  • Free advice and access to a bridal consultant
  • Allows guests to buy gifts either by telephone, online or by visiting the store
  • The service removes gifts once they have been purchased to avoid duplication
  • Regular updates on who has purchased what, from your wedding list
  • Free delivery and if there are charges they need to be clearly explained
  • Discount on items you may choose to buy after your wedding, that had not been purchased by guests
  • A percentage of the total value of the gifts purchased from your list in vouchers
  • Supply free invitation inserts to let your guests know that your wedding list is held with them, although note you should only send these details if requested.

Modern Home Decor and Second Time Around

gift 2With so many couples living together long before they get married, and more people getting married for the second time, wedding gift lists can be more of a chore in selection in what they really do need as in some cases it is not setting up home for the first time. 

Home furnishings have also changed a great deal and today's modern woman likes her home to be more coordinated and wants to choose her own colours, patterns and style.  Without passing on to her guests these wishes the chances are they may well end up with a lot of gifts they really don't want or need.

First or Second Time Brides

For those brides setting up home for the first time, a wedding gift list can certainly help give you a good start and a way of getting your home in exactly the way you want it to be.
Brides getting married for the second time around or having already lived with their partner, a wedding gift list gives you that ideal opportunity to update your home by either replacing a lot of stuff, or starting afresh and getting rid of the bits and pieces you had with your ex.

Various Wedding Gift Lists

Guests nowadays don't seem to bat an eyelid when being informed they can purchase their wedding gifts by phone, internet or visiting the store.  Indeed a lot of people are only too happy to have the onus taking away from them by having to choose what they think you may or may not like.

Wedding gift lists are varied and flexible and do not necessarily need to be household items. 

A few fresh ideas in gift lists that are now becoming more popular are:

Honeymoon Fund

Once frowned upon and causing a few eyebrows to lift up, (and probably still in small circles), couples are asking for donations towards their honeymoon. 

Honeymoons' have come a long way from the 2 day trip to the sea-side and are now taken very seriously by couples. This once-in-a-lifetime experience seems to go hand in hand with the wedding and does not necessarily follow directly afterwards but can be put on hold for a later date.

A great deal of thought, effort and time is put into where to spend the honeymoon and costs can run in the thousands of pounds. 

What better way to ask your family and friends to help towards funding for your honeymoon.

Home/Garden Makeover

House renovations and/or garden makeovers are another vast expense that couples have to search for funds.  If you are already living together or have purchased a home to move into that needs a complete makeover or an extension built on, this is another way you can ask for help from your loved ones by either cash or vouchers from DIY shops.
Charity Donations

If you are one of the lucky ones that have everything you need and would struggle on choosing what to ask for, or maybe you want to give something back as a thank you in some way to your favorite charity, you could ask your guests to donate gifts of money to them.

No Gifts

Asking for no gifts at all has been known, and if this is the road you feel you are going to go down, you can always make mention of this with handing out your wedding invitations.

Household Items

For the day to day gifts of household items this is still the most popular form of wedding gift list.

Gift lists are a practical way of letting your guests know what you would like, what you need and what your choice of style is going to be in your new home.

Small and Large Gifts

When setting up your gift list always bear in mind those that may not be able to afford much but feel they 'have' to buy what is on your list.

Smaller items such as book and music vouchers that are not costly can be added to your list as well as such day to day items of candles, tea towels, front and back door mats, fruit bowls etc, and what we all use and need.

There may be something that is on the costly side you would really like and if that is the case why not ask more than one person to 'double' up on that gift which will help them money wise, plus you will be given something that you really need such as a washing machine or tumbler dryer, or that fabulous china dinner service set you have set your heart on.

Gift List with Invitations

Information on wedding gift lists can be placed inside your invitations although if you feel this is something you do not wish to do, you can always send out details of your gift list later on. But, it is not considered etiquette to send out your list, wait for people to ask for details or perhaps have a wedding website with details about your wedding, you can mention it there.

Wedding Gift List Department Store

giftMost of the big department stores offer a wedding gift list and this will entail you spending a few hours going over with them what your choice are.  With the nationwide stores it helps those guests that live far away from you and saves them the worry of having to carry their wedding gift to you on your special day.

Underneath is a small selection of some of the stores that offer this service:

  • Debenhams
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Harrods
  • Argos
  • British Home Stores
  • John Lewis
  • Selfridges (only offer vouchers)

There are some companies that specialise in house deposits, cash for honeymoons and/or experiences and charities for your guests to donate towards. Some are listed below:

  • Nearly Married
  • Confetti Wish List
  • Lilac Blue Weddings
  • Onslow & Ridley
  • Buy Our Honeymoon
  • My Honeymoon
  • Send Us Packing

If you have decided on having a wedding gift list shop around until you are happy that the store you choose is going to give you enough variety, it has a good all round costing price, plenty of nationwide stores and it's a reputable supplier.

Some stores will offer discounts for incentives and some will charge you a consultation fee.  The important thing to remember is that you need to find a company that will look after your guests and at the same time most importantly they have what you want.

When choosing where to guide your wedding guests to purchase your wedding presents try to give them as much scope as possible and remember you will always get the odd one or two that will want to buy you want they think you will need.

Wedding Gift Lists Gives Couple More Security

With the introduction of the wedding gift list it has given newlyweds more freedom and security knowing their wedding gifts are not piling up in some unused and unwatched back room or piled high in their front room while they go off on honeymoon.

It has been known for returning honeymooners to return home to find their houses ransacked as it was common knowledge that wedding gifts would be placed in the house just before jetting off on honeymoon.

Your wedding gifts can remain safe in the store until you return from your honeymoon.

If you buy from a wedding list it is worth using your credit card if you spend over £100 as this will give you protection should the company go bust, like Wrapit >> recently did.

Above all, your guests are helping you to set up your new home, fund towards your honeymoon or that extension on your home and this is possibly the one and only chance you will ever have to ask them to help you both obtain and experience something you have set your hearts on. Don't ever be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help what you want or funding towards it; remember you can always be told, yes or no!