Wedding Marquee

If someone had asked me five years ago what a marquee was I would have told him or her it was a glorified tent. Since then I can honestly say I am rid of this misconception.

Wedding Marquee hire has become stylish and innovative, with much greater attention being given to the overall design, both inside and out, helping to create an altogether unique atmosphere.

Changes have also been made to the cost of hiring a marquee, they are no longer reserved for those with a large purse but now stretch to a number of different budgets.

Many companies who hire out wedding marquees also offer furnishings and cater for the whole event.

Why Have Wedding Marquee?

You may be asking yourself why would you want to hire a marquee for your wedding? There are many very good reasons for doing - here are a few.

  • By having a marquee in your garden you can invite guests to your home, without the stress and mess that would come if they were actually dinning in your own home.
  • If you host your wedding reception in your own garden, a marquee offers you the ideal solution for ground cover.
  • The Bride and Groom have more flexibility in the way the marquee can be decorated, unlike that of a typical wedding venue; consequently marquees could be used to create a very personal ambience.
  • It is still quite a novel idea as the majority of couples will host their wedding receptions in either a pub, hall, hotel or stately home.
  • If you have found a wedding venue which you would love to hold your wedding reception, but find it is not large enough to cater for all your guests you can consider a marquee.  If the inside dinning area looks onto a garden you could position a marquee adjacent to the dinning room, extending your reception room into the garden itself.  This will allow some of your guests to be seated within the marquee, but still close enough to share the atmosphere and not seem detached from the main party.

Choosing a Wedding Marquee Hire Company

Once you have your mind set on hiring a marquee for your wedding you want to make absolutely sure that you choose the right company to work with. If you have problems with your marquee, just like if you have problems with your venue, your day could be ruined.

Here is some advice for choosing the right wedding marquee hire company.

  • Find out if they are available for your wedding date.
  • Ensure the company is willing to visit the location of where the wedding marquee is to be erected, before your wedding day.
  • Clarify exactly what is included in the price.
  • If the company offers other services such as catering, floristry and power generation find out whether these services are sub-contracted.
  • Does the company have experience with catering for wedding parties?
  • Find out what arrangements are made with regards to clearing up and clarify in writing the state in which you should expect to find the grass once the marquee has been dismantled.
  • Do they have lighting and heating facilities for the marquee?
  • Make sure there is a ground sheet if rain is likely.
  • How much deposit is needed to secure a booking?
  • Does the total cost include VAT, travel expenses, and the time taken to erect and dismantle the wedding marquee?