Wedding Transport

When I was growing up as a child I always loved the wedding cars. Didn’t know what they we called, I just knew they were beautiful. The whole town would capture a glimpse of a bride as she was driven to the church at snail pace in her Rolls Royce. And why not, it’s not every day you get to drive around in a Rolls Royce, let alone get married!

So for me it was easy, I ordered a luxury Chauffeur driven white Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Mark 1 (I bet that’s impressed some of the men out there that I know what it is called).

However, at the end of the day it’s all about personal preference and what you can afford.

Popular Wedding Cars

Below you will find the most popular modes of transport used for getting to the church / venue, however don't restrict yourself to just the most popular choices. If you fancy something different why not consider a Morris Minor, they can provide style, finesse, class, and headturning chic. Check out our transport directory to see for yourself.

  • Rolls Royce’s
  • Vintage Austin
  • Daimler
  • Classic Bentley
  • Mercedes
  • Limos
  • Horse drawn carriage

What should you look for when hiring a wedding car?

  • Go and view the quality of the cars if you can, don’t just go on the lovely pictures in the brochure, that way you avoid disappointment.
  • Check they are available for your wedding date.
  • Agree in writing the following; the car to be used, collection address, collection time, ceremony time and the venue.
  • Check that the total cost includes the hire of the car, the chauffeur, the travel cost and VAT. Check that there are no hidden extras.
  • Find out what provisions are made in the unlikely event the wedding car breaks down, consider having a friend or relative at hand as a last minute replacement.

Small budget

If your budget doesn’t allow it then use a family car. Check that its in good working order and that it can get you to the church / venue on time. People will be only to pleased to see you and how stunning you look, not the car that got you there.

Give the care a good wash and wax and a good clean inside. Tie a ribbon to the front of the car and it will look just fine.