Wedding Venue

There are a whole host of different types of venues to hold your wedding reception ranging from hotels, pubs, church halls, marquees, and golf clubs to stately houses.

How do you choose where to have your wedding reception?

  • Decide what your budget is and stick to it.
  • Decide how many people are to attend the wedding reception, as this will influence where you can hold the reception.
  • What type of reception do you want, formal or informal?
  • You might not want to get married in church so it would be useful to find a venue that also has a licence to conduct wedding ceremonies too.
  • Visit a number of venues before you decide.
  • Find out exactly what you get for your money, ensure there are no additional charges and VAT is included.
  • Are they available to hold your wedding reception on your wedding day?
  • Do you have exclusive rights to the wedding reception for the whole day? Remember your caterer and florist will need to arrive early in order to set up for the wedding reception, they don’t want to be delayed by having to wait for another wedding party to leave.
  • Does the wedding venue have an alcohol licence?
  • How long can you book the venue for?
  • Is there enough room for you to have a DJ?
  • Do they have facilities for preparing and cooking food?
  • Do they have a fridge?

Small budget

Some wedding receptions are already decorated with flowers, you might want to utilise the venues decorations, in this way you can save money on flowers at the wedding reception.

If you’re wedding reception is a small informal affair then why not opt for hiring out a pub room or a hall. Remember to check if you do hire a hall that it is licensed to serve alcohol. The hall may not have facilities to prepare or cook food, ensure your caterer visits the venue and has a plan of action if such is the case.

Larger budget

If you have a little more money to spend then why not have your reception either in a golf club, hotel, marquee or stately home? Be sure to check what you are getting for your money, just because it costs more doesn’t mean to say you are getting more.

My husband and I looked at many wedding reception brochures and were astounded to find some wanted to charge us hundreds sometimes thousands of pounds for an empty room, in a beautiful building with beautiful grounds which you had no access to apart from this one room!

Handy Tip

Our friends recommended our wedding venue. It was also licensed to hold wedding ceremonies, so it was perfect. We planned to get married the following year and got the venue to agree to hold the cost at the current years price provided we paid a deposit.

Remember, depending on what time of year and whether you are having a midweek or weekend wedding the price will vary. Wedding receptions are much cheaper in the autumn to winter months and cheaper still if you hire them midweek.