Wedding Videographer

Having a wedding video allows you to recapture a sequence of events on your wedding day in a way that photographs just can’t. You pull together emotions from the sounds and movements of your guests, the atmosphere can be represented far more accurately than with still photos alone.

A professional videography will work with you to ensure that they capture the moments that will be most precious to you. Once they have filmed the day they will spend many hours editing the film and adding music in captions to really bring out he magic of your day.

Professional Wedding Video

If you have a more flexible budget then hire a videographer. They can be expensive the minute you mention that magic word ‘wedding’, so be prepared to get several quotations. Before you book a videographer they should be able to satisfy the following checklist:

  • Be able to supply references
  • Allow you to see a copy of a wedding video they have recently completed
  • Ask if they subcontract the work (which means that a person you have not dealt with could be videoing your wedding)
  • Identify what wedding packages they have on offer, and what you actually get for your money
  • Use a digital camera
  • Be able to edit the wedding
  • Music effects
  • Are they prepared to visit the wedding venue to see the layout of the venue if they are not familiar with it and discuss their requirements with the owners?
  • How much deposit do they need you to pay before you can make the booking
  • When will you have to pay the balance
  • Can they make DVD copies and additional copies of the video
  • Do they carry all the insurances required by English law?
    • Professional Indemnity
    • Public Liability (Required for National Trust venues)
  • Do they hold the necessary licenses to film at your wedding?

DIY Wedding Video

If you know someone who is very good with a video camera then why not get him or her to video your wedding. If you or your friends don't have one you might want to hire one, but to be honest the price of video cameras have come down drastically over the years. All the major electronic retails are always offering deals on selected brands and some will offer price matches, so shop around before you buy.

A word of caution : Whilst getting a friend to video your wedding can be cheap, or free, you are very unlikely to end up with a quality video. Professional wedding videographers often have years of experience, professional equipment and editing facilities, all of which combine to make a video you can be proud of for years to come.

We only suggest the DIY method if you really do have no budget for a professional.