Wedding Wishing Well

An increasing number of bride and grooms have already set up home together and have everything they need by the time they get round eventually tying the knot. Therefore, rather than asking guests for unwanted presents many are choosing to ask for money instead.

Of course, you don't ask for money with your invitations, that could appear rude. If somebody asks you what gift you would like you can mention the wishing well then, or perhaps let word of mouth spead the information.

However, how do you approach the delicate subject of money? The task has been made a lot easier with products such as Wedding Wishing Wells and Treasure Chests, which the bride and groom can take along to the wedding reception and use to accessories their wedding theme but also leave in an appropriate place where guests can then deposit their gift vouchers, cards and money.

The Wedding Wishing Well and Treasure Chests are cleverly designed so that there is usually only a small aperture wide enough to insert an envelope, which keeps the contents safe and secure.

Somebody asks you what you want

If somebody asks you to send information about what you would like for a wedding gift, how do you go about asking guests for money without appearing rude? This is a tricky area, as they have asked you specifically what you would like you are probably ok to mention money, but beware, some people may find this rude, if you are in any doubt don't mention the money, or point them to your 'wedding website' where they can read the information for themselves.

If you do send out details, or you mention it on your website, you could try and be creative with your wording, here is an example which I hope will inspire you.

Please find within this page
information just for you
With some rules and regulations
That we both insist you do
The first is 'you must come'
To our special day
The second one is vital
If you're to be our guest
And that is eat and drink a lot
Or do your very best
The third one is an order
So don't bring two left feet
As when the evening comes around
You MUST dance to the beat

The fourth rule can be broken
We really do not mind
But if you choose to follow it
Thank you for being so kind
We've been together for a few years
And have a lovely home
There are not too many items now
We don't already own
So please don't be offended
And please don't think we're brash
But if your thoughts were on a present
We would much prefer the cash
But the choice is really up to you

And we would like to say
That we hope you come, enjoy yourselves
And have a lovely day

Written by Scot from Milton Keynes

Let us know if you have any words that help explain your reasons for wanting money as a wedding gift.

"Because at first we lived in sin
We have the sheets and rubbish bin
So although a gift would be swell
How about a donation to wish us well?"
Sarah Torpoint in Cornwall

"Why am I asking for money? I got married before, 18 years ago, and said I'd never get married again for many reasons but one humorous reason being the 'offloaded, lack of thought, last minute what's in the cupboard' presents - not that I mean to be ungrateful but I only just got rid of those stripey sheets and nylon teatowels (still unused)! That's why I'm asking for money, if people don't want to give, that's fine as long as they come and share our day with us we'll be happy, we want presence not presents.

I give money (as do most people I know) to every wedding / enagagement as I think that furnishing a house and paying for a wedding is so expensive that I'm glad I could do my bit to help, however small, so chill out and don't be offended if someone is keeping with the times." Nettie