Save The Date Ideas - Part II

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Novel Save The Date Ideas

There are of course plenty of other ways other than a date 'card' that you could send to your guests. Doing some research or even designing your own will certainly be a novel way to send out these reminders.

Some quirky ideas could include:

  • A box of confetti with the date printed on the front, or even hidden inside.
  • A fridge magnet.
  • A funny postcard. This could even include a photograph of the happy couple.
  • A magnetic puzzle.
  • Air freshener for the car, perhaps in the shape of a wedding car or even a bride's gown.
  • Chocolates with the date printed on the box.
  • Cookies or biscuits.
  • Countdown calendar for your guests to mark off as each day passes.
  • Packets of seeds relating to the month the wedding will take place in.
  • Party poppers.
  • Personalised pens or pencils.
  • Photo booth style pictures (four in a row in a vertical line) with the details on the reverse.
  • Photograph.
  • Plastic bottles of champagne with a message inside.
  • Scratch cards.
  • Sending out an ecard via email. This could be a document that you have produced yourself or even a quirky picture you have scanned in or modified.
  • Set up a website specifically designed for your upcoming wedding and send everyone a link to a Save the Date page.
  • Small Windmills.
  • Stickers. 

The list is endless and it is up to you to be as creative as you want to be and let your imagine run wild. Using your wedding theme or even just bright and bold colours will definitely make an impact on your guests.

Save The Date Tips

Following are some tips and points to consider about sending out your save the date reminders:

  • Be sure to include all dates if you are going abroad or having your wedding over a weekend.
  • Be very careful when you are writing or printing the reminders out, you do not want to spell anyone's name incorrectly.
  • If someone, on receiving your reminder tells you that they will not be able to attend, out of courtesy you should still send them an invitation to allow them to formally decline.
  • Include a website address if you have one.
  • Send a reminder to the people that you will actually be inviting to your wedding. No one wants to receive a 'reminder' and then not be invited.
  • Should any of your wedding details change and you have already sent out your reminders, the best thing to do in the first instance is to call everyone involved and let them know personally, do not rely on anyone to pass the message along. It is then up to you if you want to send out new reminders.
  • State clearly if children can attend so that if they cannot, your guests have plenty of opportunity to make childcare arrangements.
  • State clearly on the reminder, just as you would on the invitation, who it is you will be inviting to the wedding. Try not to be tempted to add a 'plus guest' to the reminder as you could potentially end up with a lot of people that you don't know at your wedding.
  • Stick to a budget for your reminders.
  • Take a trip to your local stationery store, you may find just what you are looking for or at least inspiration for your design.

Remember that these reminders are just a simple gesture on your part to let your guests know of your intentions to marry. They are not your opportunity to provide details about hotels or directions to the church etc so don't be tempted to go overboard with the information you are providing them.

You are not expecting a reply from these reminders so there is no need to include any contact information on them.

Save the Date reminders is something else to add to your long list of things to organise but they are something that could be fun and wacky and they are of course, possibly the first notice your friends and family will receive to let them know of your wedding!