Save The Date Ideas - Part I

save the dateEveryone loves a good wedding and in order for you to ensure that all your loved ones are in attendance then you should give them plenty of warning for your upcoming wedding date.

There is no better way of informing people of your wedding than to send them a 'Save the Date' reminder. Hopefully this article will give you some ideas about how you can inform your guests to keep the date free in their diaries!

What is a 'Save The Date'?

Usually these are sent in a card format and they inform your guests of the date and sometimes the time that your wedding is due to occur. They generally receive notice through the post and they are then able to write it down, pin it up on their board or make a note in their diary.

A reminder is courteous to your guests particularly if your wedding is also around the time of a special occasion like Christmas or a Bank Holiday for instance. With enough prior warning, your guests can make other arrangements or book that time out in advance and they will know not to book anything else.

The reminders are usually personalised and they can be designed in the theme of your wedding and even your wedding colours.

Save The Date Wording

The reminders are usually short, simple and to the point so keep the wording the same. Apart from the obvious 'Save the Date' title, all that is needed are your names, the date you are planning to get hitched and the location.

You could if you prefer make them a little more elaborate and include your favourite poem, or perhaps the lyrics of your favourite song. If you are getting married abroad you could include a picture of a famous landmark from that area or even make the wording humorous.

Remember to add somewhere a little note letting people know that you will be sending out your formal invitations nearer the time as you don't want your guests confusing your reminder with an invitation. It is of personal preference whether you choose to add the month or date that you will be sending the invites out.

When To Send Your Save The Date To

There is of course nothing stopping you from 'mentioning' it to your loved ones as soon as you decide on the date but etiquette says that sending out your reminders should be about six months prior to your wedding date. If your wedding is taking place abroad though, it might be worth informing everyone about eight months in advance.

If you send out your cards too early, people might not take any notice of them and put them in a drawer somewhere but if you send them out too close to your wedding, it might be too late for them to make their arrangements and you may end up with a lot of people declining.

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