Virtual Wedding Invitations

The world around us is changing every day and all equipment, people and events are becoming more modern and ultra fast especially where modern technology is concerned.

Who would have thought just a few years ago that it would now be possible to invite all of your friends and family to your upcoming wedding at just the touch of a button? By sending just one email you will be able to inform everyone of your time and date and it of course makes their responses that much quicker too, but is it something you would consider?

Any Bride and Groom will set themselves a budget for their wedding and this will of course include the cost for their wedding invitations, which can be time consuming and are by no means cheap.

There are ways to get around the cost if a Bride and Groom are willing to perhaps have a friend make them or even have a go themselves at producing a classy style of invite but sending your invites by email is most definitely the cheapest way other than by asking everyone face to face.

It is possible to have someone create a wedding invite for you which will include all of your names, details and venue information just like on a paper invite and it would even have a RSVP 'button' that the recipient can click to send back their response.

This type of wedding invitation would probably cost you a one off fee as the invite would then be stored on your PC, hopefully with an option for you to be able to personalise it should you wish and you could send it to whomever you choose, as long as you have an email address for them.

You could even use the same format to send out your Save the Date cards but you must remember to give plenty of notice as with any physical wedding invitations.

Pros and Cons

Virtual invitations are a very personal choice. Some traditionalists will find the email invite impersonal and even disrespectful of such an occasion whereas others will consider it to be good for the environment. Following are some pros and cons which may help you make up your mind.

Pros of Virtual Wedding Invitations

  • Emailing your invites means that more information can be provided and you can also include links (perhaps to your venue's webpage) or even pictures of your church along with maps and directions on how to get there.
  • If you have a website set up for your wedding, this could be included on your invite and encourage everyone to visit, leave feedback and also include any photographs taken on the day.
  • If your invite did not make it to someone you should be informed with an 'undeliverable' message.
  • Just like with the paper versions your email invitation can be designed around your wedding theme and colours.
  • The replies would come back to you directly (and hopefully quickly) and you can store them somewhere on your PC for easy access.
  • You will not have any postage costs.
  • Your costs would be greatly decreased, even more so if you design and create your own invitation.
  • Your invites will not get lost in the post.

Cons of Virtual Wedding Invitations

  • In contrast to the pro above, you will not be able to use the excuse about the invitation being lost in the post to perhaps an undesirable guest?
  • Not all of your guests, especially the older generation, will have a computer and therefore will not have an email address to send the invitation to. You may have to have some paper invites created especially for this reason.
  • You and your guests will not have a physical keepsake of the day as some people like to keep an invitation.
  • You will have to make sure that you have everyone's email address and that they are all correct.

As with any online product you should shop around until you find what you are looking for and you and your partner are happy with its layout and content.

When deciding what form of invites to use I think it is important to remember that it is a wedding after all and therefore there are some etiquette rules which you should try to stick to as much as possible, for instances with regards to the wording on the invitations, try to keep them appropriate with no abbreviations on names or places etc.

A lot of people will not agree that an email invite is 'proper' for a wedding so you can do your best to at least keep it as traditional as possible. You will not please everyone but it is your wedding and it is important to remember that when making your decision!